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Cover des Buches Black Knights Inc. - Gestohlene Wahrheit (ISBN: 9783802592805)

Black Knights Inc. - Gestohlene Wahrheit

Erschienen am 14.11.2013
Cover des Buches Deep Six - Rausch der Gefahr (ISBN: 9783736310964)

Deep Six - Rausch der Gefahr

Erschienen am 01.04.2019
Cover des Buches Black Knights Inc. - Um jeden Preis (ISBN: 9783802592812)

Black Knights Inc. - Um jeden Preis

Erschienen am 02.05.2014
Cover des Buches Deep Six - Gefahr der Entscheidung (ISBN: 9783736312241)

Deep Six - Gefahr der Entscheidung

Erschienen am 01.10.2019
Cover des Buches Black Knights Inc. - Riskantes Versprechen (ISBN: 9783736311596)

Black Knights Inc. - Riskantes Versprechen

Erschienen am 01.07.2019
Cover des Buches Black Knights Inc. - Bittere Entscheidung (ISBN: 9783802598104)

Black Knights Inc. - Bittere Entscheidung

Erschienen am 05.03.2015
Cover des Buches Black Knights Inc. - Brennendes Geheimnis (ISBN: 9783736309012)

Black Knights Inc. - Brennendes Geheimnis

Erschienen am 05.07.2018

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Cover des Buches Dead in the Water: The Deep Six Book 6 (ISBN: 9781950100125)
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Rezension zu "Dead in the Water: The Deep Six Book 6" von Julie Ann Walker

great showdown
melli.die.zahnfeevor 9 Monaten

"Dead in the water" is the sixth and final book in the Deep Six series. And I loved to be on Wayfarers Island. I loved the way Julie Ann Walker describes all the memories from Doc and his teammates. This book is about Doc, who had a terrible loss in his past , and now he is not able to love again. Not until Cami joins the group as a lawyer.  But here we go: It's an Enemy to Lovers Theme in this book. I enjoyed the banter between Cami and Doc, but I also enjoyed the circumstances that made both protas as they now are.
Between and around this love theme is a thrilling story about some guys who want to be bad, but battle with the wrong guys. Bad Idea. And added : Julia. Great performance , important role. She plays the matchmaker in double ways. Yes, in two ways Who is the second couple ? Ha guessing is allowed, but when you count through the people on Wayfarers island you will know. And this double potion of love is so sweet, because it suggests everybody that :
Ah sorry foremost : The good always win. And second : Love has no boundaries either in age nor in professions.
I loved this book so much, and : yes I'm sad, because it was the last chapter of this adventure. An adventure of falling in love and battling the bad guys from which direction the may come. Love is always pole position. The bedroom scenes are pretty hot and fits so cute into the story. And the mix of description and actions is balanced perfectly.
The last thing to say : I loved this series a lot and if I would have treasured a genie in a bottle My wish would be that Deep Six may meet Black Knights in a crisscross action series with all their kids. The next generation . Ha that would be a fine worldsavingcompany :)

Cover des Buches Shot Across the Bow: The Deep Six Book 5 (ISBN: 9781950100101)
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Rezension zu "Shot Across the Bow: The Deep Six Book 5" von Julie Ann Walker

so sweet
melli.die.zahnfeevor einem Jahr

SHOT ACROSS THE BOW is book five in Julie Ann Walker’s romantic suspense series, THE DEEP SIX, and I think it is necessary to read the prior four books to understand the overall plot.

She is as broken as her voice, and it seems that he is totally out of her league. So thinks she. He thinks she is marriage material, and marriage was never on his mind.
On a deserted island danger is within the horizon, and it left me tearing my heart to peaces where Mia must have gone through in her past. She is able to look behind the nice facade of Romeos face ( but she loves to look in his face too, that's for sure :), and see his caring and sweet character. That's what she needs. And Mia is a great fit for Romeo. Her quiet and balanced, reserved and controlled manner balances Romeo’s flirty, outgoing ways.

I also loved the banter between Cami and Doc, what leaves me longing for their story.

Romeo and Mia are both compelling protagonists, and I loved how their stories, both as individuals and as a couple developed. The story has everything you require for a great book, many emotional thoughts from both characters , some really heart grieving about dysfunctional family dynamics, bad guys, suspense, romance and a fight to survive .
This book tells about people do not only fight danger but also their imperfections, and with this setting on a deserted island and Mia and Romeo I have to say I loved this book most.
For all readers who enjoy a good romantic - suspense story, please take a seat and enjoy .

Cover des Buches Deeper Than The Ocean: The Deep Six Book 4 (ISBN: 9781950100088)
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Rezension zu "Deeper Than The Ocean: The Deep Six Book 4" von Julie Ann Walker

love is deeper than the ocean
melli.die.zahnfeevor 2 Jahren

The adventure of the Deep Six crew is into the next round. Unfortunately, the circumstances are quite dark and hopeless, the financial resources are dwindling and the treasure's still not found. The inserts from the logbook of the Santa Catharina are very interesting, and I keep my fingers crossed for the guys that they would be able to find the treasure. Wolf and Chrissie are known from the previous books and both need quite a long time until they manage to talk reasonably with each other.
Chrissie is a strong person who doesn't know how to trust in love.. When her life is in danger, she has no choice but to trust Wolf.
Wolf is amazing and totally hot. His constant cool fortune cookies sayings and his talent to misunderstand every song are very endearing. He is spot on about everything, and he has no major traumas in his past. His family loves him, he loves his family, he knows what he wants - and that is Chrissie. But she is afraid of getting into a dysfunctional dependency on men like her mother. So she doesn't even start with love. Never. Period.
Its so wonderful that the author describes her characters so strong and weak at the same time. In each book, the focus is on a different problem or character trait. Here, a man surrounded by hope and confidence and down-to-earthness falls in love with a woman, who has not experienced any steadiness in her life. Everyone she dared to fall in love with has left and forgotten her. So this book lives from the contrast of the characters. But not only that, the suspense is also great, Chrissie is being chased by nasty people. And the resolution is quite a shock. The erotic moments are special and steamy and every piece fits perfectly together in this story.
In addition there are some hints about Mia and Romeo, and what to expect in the next book, this in combination with all the people living on Wayfarers Island the book is a round,living caring and loving one.

DEEPER THAN THE OCEAN is an action-packed tale of two people overcoming their insecurities to be together.

Das Abenteuer der Deep Six Crew geht in die nächste Runde Leider sind die Umstände recht düster, die finanziellen Ressourcen schwinden und der Schatz ist immer noch nicht gefunden. Ich finde die Einschübe aus dem Logbuch der Santa Catharina sehr interessant und drücke den Jungs ganz fest die Daumen, dass sie den Schatz noch finden können. Wolf und Chrissie kennt man schon aus den Vorgängerbänden und beide brauchen recht lange bis sie es schaffen mal vernünftig miteinander zu reden.
Chrissie ist halt eine starke Person, die es nicht schafft anderen zu vertrauen. Als ihr Leben in Gefahr ist bleibt ihr nichts anderes übrig, als Wolf zu vertrauen.
Wolf fand ich schon immer total heiß. Seine konstant coolen Sprüche, die auch aus Glückskeksen stammen könnten und sein Talent jeden Song falsch zu singen finde ich sehr liebenswert. Er ist in allem genau richtig und er hat keine schweren Traumata in seiner Vergangenheit. Seine Familie liebt ihn, er liebt seine Familie, er weiß was er will - nämlich Chrissie. Nur mag diese sich nicht binden. Sie hat riesige Angst davor in genauso eine dysfunktionale Abhängigkeit von Männern zu geraten , wie ihre Mutter. Da fängt sie mit der Liebe erst gar nicht an. Punkt.
Ich finde es immer wieder so wundervoll, wie die Autorin ihre Charaktere beschreibt und sie miteinander agieren lässt. In jedem Buch liegt der Focus auf einem anderen Problem oder einer Charaktereigenschaft. Hier trifft ein Mann, der umgeben von Hoffnung und Vertrauen und Bodenständigkeit ist, auf eine Frau, die keinerlei Beständigkeit in ihrem Leben erlebt hat. Alle, in die sie es wagte sich zu verlieben, sind gegangen und haben sie vergessen. So lebt dieses Buch von den Gegensätzlichen Charakteren. Aber nicht nur, die Spannung ist auch super, wird Chrissie doch von fiesen Menschen gejagt. Und die Auflösung ist schon ein ganz schöner Schock.

I received an advanced copy of this book from the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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