Julie Halpern By Halpern, Julie ( Author ) [ Into the Wild Nerd Yonder ] Apr - 2011 { Paperback }


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Inhaltsangabe zu „By Halpern, Julie ( Author ) [ Into the Wild Nerd Yonder ] Apr - 2011 { Paperback }“ von Julie Halpern

Zuckersüßes Buch über ein Mädchen, dass sich plötzlich im Nerd-Club wiederfindet

— ichundelaine
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    By Halpern, Julie ( Author ) [ Into the Wild Nerd Yonder ] Apr - 2011 { Paperback }


    06. April 2016 um 20:24

    Not expecting much of this book for teenagers, I was astonished at the fact that I couldn't put it aside and read it within a day! A really sweet read that definitely belongs into the hands of a teenager struggling with conformity!It is Jessie's Sophomore year in High school (10th grade) and eventhough she hasn't changed a lot over the summer, her two best friends Bizza and Char certainly have. Instead of just hanging out and doing normal (uncool) stuff, they try to suck up the the punk kids, to whom Jessis's brother and her alltime crush Van also belong.However, when not only her brother parts with the punk kids and Bizza betrays her in a way that cannot be forgiven, Jessie has to face the essential High-School-Question: Where do I (want) to belong? She struggles in finding her identity within the fractured social groups of High School, finally accepting that cool doesn't actually mean cool and that friends can come in all sorts and shapes.Jessie is a quirky, fun character in whom I could see a lot of myself at that age. She is insecure but not to a freakish level and deals with usual teenager stuff. The style of the books is fun and easy to read, written by a current High School librarian and even if you're already past your High School days, it is still a nice read.

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