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Romance, sex, but also dark crimes and villains as heroes.
Sakukovor einem Jahr

Julian Reece is on the way to getting married, not that he cares for that, he'd rather live into the day and write books. Then the carriage is robbed by a highwayman and Julian simply offers himself as a hostage, a respite before the marriage.
But he finds himself drawn to the highwayman, the noble born Sir Evan, who is trying to keep his ancestral home from collapsing over his head because of his brothers mismanagement. The relationship starts out rocky, but after Julian's father rejects all family ties he joins Evan in his robberies.

I'm not sure how to rate this. I liked the characters, despite them being more villains than anti-heroes, I liked the relationship building and the sex scenes, but I did not care one bit for all the crime.

This takes the stereotypical "bad guy takes hostage, they fall in love and bad guy reforms" story to a more realistic level. The hostage is mostly self-proclaimed, they both fall into a life of crime and suffer the consequences.
Accordingly, it has a lot of rather violent and distressing parts. But I also thought they where being really stupid about the whole highway-robbery. It was quite eye-roll-worthy at times, distressing and dark at others. I have to admit that I skimmed over most of them. I wanted to stop reading at several points because of such scenes, but I stuck it out, because I did like the more romantic parts.

It's not a bad book for it, mind, I guess I just like my romance a little more on the stereotypical side for this type of scenario. Less violence, injury and flight, it's just too much excitement for me when mixed with hot sex. ;)


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