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  • Not as good as the first part

    Scavengers: August (Scavengers #2) (m/m zombie steampunk erotic romance) (Zombie Gentlemen)


    13. September 2017 um 07:36 Rezension zu "Scavengers: August (Scavengers #2) (m/m zombie steampunk erotic romance) (Zombie Gentlemen)" von K.A. Merikan

    After Ira and James parted fighting they have not seen each other for a month until James sees Ira again at a political tour through the university. He tries to reconnect with Ira, but they fight again. After that James tries to find Iras home, even though he has barely any idea where to look. I didn't like this one as much as the first part. I want to know more about the world. There are some interesting glimpses of zombie science, the religious movement, the Joners walk, but they are just so short and not really elaborate. Why ...

  • Zombies, Steampunk, hot gay sex.

    Scavengers: July (Scavengers #1) (m/m zombie steampunk erotic romance) (Zombie Gentlemen)


    06. September 2017 um 21:20 Rezension zu "Scavengers: July (Scavengers #1) (m/m zombie steampunk erotic romance) (Zombie Gentlemen)" von K.A. Merikan

    After the zombie plague changed the world as we know it at the end of the 19th century, James Hurst has been doing well in the overcrowded London, but his funds start to dwindle.  He hires the expert scavenger Ida Russell to help him get to his former mansion in zombie infested land to get the riches that where left there.I liked this one a lot. Hey, steampunk, zombies and steamy gay sex, what's not to like. The book is a little short, so the worldbuiling gets left behind a bit. Usually I'm all over a good, in-depth world, but it ...

  • Kinky sex and victorian medicine

    The Art of Mutual Pleasure (M/M regency)


    03. September 2017 um 10:26 Rezension zu "The Art of Mutual Pleasure (M/M regency)" von K.A. Merikan

    Benjamin has been obsessed with Onanism since he saw his schoolmate Frederick kiss a male friend. Now he's an adult, but he cannot get over his affliction, which he believes to make him ill and frail. He visits a doctor, who proposes a new therapy: Taking the seed of more viral men into himself to replace the one he has lost due to his affliction. Benjamin is very happy with this treatment until Frederick points out to him, that he's fallen for a swindler.This is more porn than a romance, but I liked it. Benjamin really is naive ...