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Inhaltsangabe zu „The Day The World Ended (Skin Book 1)“ von K.C. Finn

Thirteen-year-old Cherie starts her day on April 3rd like any other Saturday. Shopping, fun and friends are on the agenda, with only one slight alteration: April 3rd is the day that the end of the world arrives. Mysterious creatures known only as the Skins have been lurking in remote parts of the countryside, and April 3rd is the day that the Skins arrive in the big city for all to see. What follows is a horrifying discovery of what the creatures really are, and what that means for the future of the human race. Cherie is caught in the middle of the apocalypse with one mission in mind: to help her horrifyingly injured best friend find help. Her journey takes her to dark and gruesome places, where isolation, panic and death await. Cherie will have to find strength within her fears to survive The Day The World Ended. The much-anticipated horror series debut of Amazon bestselling author K.C. Finn has arrived. The Day The World Ended is a young adult horror novella, and the exciting prequel to full novel The Skin Revolt, releasing August 2015. Recommended for readers aged fourteen and above due to tense scenes, gore and violence.
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  • Skins are the new zombies

    The Day The World Ended (Skin Book 1)


    08. March 2016 um 07:00

    This book offered a nice variety of the zombie theme where the infected are called 'Skins' because of their sagging, yellowing skin. We follow thirteen-year old Cherie, who went out shopping with her best friend only to experience a day of horror and nightmares. After her friend touches part of a Skin, they run to the hospital - only to discover that the epidemic has already spread. Cherie has to witness the death not only of her friend, but her mother as well. Only barely is she able to escape the danger and find safety, and her father, behind the sturdy walls of a nearby old castle. The story is told from Cherie's POV, but while the typical teen chatter about clothes and whatnot especially at the beginning seemed believable, it was not very interesting, at least for me. Later on, Cherie keeps repeating a phrase along the lines of "if only I would have known what awaited me back then". Almost every chapter seemed to end with such a comment, which was getting old pretty soon. As for the plot, it was your typical trapped-by-the-invasion-escape-survival scenario like in countless other z-books. It was routinely written, which is not a bad thing. While I appreciated the otherness of the Skins, I would have liked to know more about their origin which was not explained, but maybe the author saved that part for the novel this is the prequel to. All in all, 'The Day The World Ended'  does a fine job whetting your appetite, making you want to pick up the full-length novel and continue reading about Cherie's fate. (I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review)

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