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Revue (Wild Nights Book 1)

Revue (Wild Nights Book 1)

Erschienen am 27.05.2015

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Made me smile, grin and laugh :)
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3,25 Stars

This book is about Corinne aka Cori who is a photographer. Although she prefers to shoot everything but people, she took over the job her brother couldn´t do anymore. And that means taking pictures at Wild Nights Revue Shows. It means taking pictures of hot and almost complete naked and dancing men. But the job didn´t start as good as she hoped. Not only did she met Josh, one of the dancers/artists of the show while he was doing some groupie, no... the very same Josh also broke her very expensive camera. From now on her title for him would be : Arsehole

Josh is one of the dancers/strippers/ artists of the revue show. He lives for it and has the reputation of a manwhore. When he saw Cori, sth. started to change in him- very slowly. He is intrigued by her and loves teasing her and her being feisty. He tries to seduce her every chance he gets. But the more time they spend with each other, the more they get closer. The more he gets to know her, the more he wants to try and be the one she wants. But it isn´t easy to change youself and do things you´ve never done before.

Can hate turn to love? Will Josh be able to change himself? How many times will they hurt each other? Is a relationship even possible? Will there be a Happy End? And what is with Brad?

My Opinion:

I really enjoyed reading this book. The writing style was good.

Most scenes in the first half of the book and some scenes from the middle till the end made me smile, grin and laugh. A few scenes left me: Whoa. OMG. Giggle ;) (f.e. the scene with the grandma at the bachelor party of her grandchild). I loved the way everyone talked with each other. The teasing and the banter. That made me like the characters. Especially Josh. How he always tried to seduce Cori...it was quite funny. To me it wasn´t over the top and in the ok-zone regarding sexual harassment. And she was also into him and could have put him in his place if needed. Therefore- as I said..I was amused by it.

The side characters were awesome too. Brad and Em... Can´t wait to read their book :D

The pace and the way the story developed till the middle was good. Though after it... Hmm.. I don´t know. I knew some drama would happen but somehow I didn´t like it that much. SPOILER START Sure, josh doesn´t know about relationships- of any kind- and he was insecure and somehow also lost and broken. But still...Cheating sucks. And then they both didn´t really talk. they were just hurting each other. And the only thing Josh knows to do when he is hurt is to build a wall, hide his true self and find a woman to have sex with which hurt Cori even more. And then she did this huge mistake with Brad. Really.. I didn´t like the second half. The back and forth. The hurt and mistakes. They both didn´t act like grown ups and I don´t understand why no one of the others tried to help and clear their heads. SPOILER END

I´d have loved to read more abut their backgrounds. I needed more details and more insight into their heads and feelings.

The end was ok. Love how it started and ended with a broken camera. Would have wished to have a longer epilogue though. I wanted to read more about them in the future, but as Brad is having a book too, I suppose I´ll meet Josh and Cori there as well. And maybe there will be another book in the future about this couple.

So all in all: A book that lifted my mood. A book that is good to pass the time with :)


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