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    Relative Deceit


    25. July 2012 um 16:17

    It was a pleasure for me (as a German!) to read this book settled in the beginning of the 19th century, like the beautiful cover already tells us. The Bancroft family suffers from a lot of misfortunes and, after all, the family is declared bankrupt. A barely known relative is going to save them but this relative hides some secrets and plans of his own. The reader needs the sense of Sherlock Holmes as the author only reveals pieces of the puzzle with a growing tension until the end. A fascinating description of the past times and well-formed characters let us slide between good and evil, rich and poor until we get all answers. And you won´t put this book away until you get them, I promise :-). Well, this author could be a second Agatha Christie but in a much more romantic way. By the way, already the title has a double meaning which is well chosen. Five of five stars!

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