GIRL: Love, Sex, Romance, and Being You

von Karen Rayne PhD 
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GIRL: Love, Sex, Romance, and Being You
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GIRL: Love, Sex, Romance, and Being You is an inclusive growing-up guide for teen girls with information on gender and identity, dating and romance, relationships, and sex. It gives teen girls practical information that is uncensored, factual, and unbiased, and aims to help readers develop into responsible and informed adults and prepare them for healthy romantic relationships. This book also includes self-reflection questions, media resources lists, illustrations, and diary entries as additional supplemental materials. This book is unique in that it is accessible and nonjudgmental to all who self-identify as a girl.


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    A Guide to Girlhood

    I never felt the need to read a book about what it means being a girl when I grew up, but I know many girls who did – and not all were successful in finding the right book.

    I am unsure whether this is a book you read from beginning to end, or whether you rather read a passage here and there and skim-read others.

    The general layout of the book is interesting and promising. Besides the basic content on everything girls might want to know more about, Rayne includes definitions, additional sources, questions you can ask yourself, and diary entries from a handful of women as well as little doodles. Often, it reads more like a website than an actual book, but not in a negative way. However, because of the short passages and ‘disruptions’ in form of subheadings, doodles, etc., I found it difficult to concentrate on the content at times. I could net really get into the flow of reading this book, thus it might be more convenient to read a chapter here and there instead of finishing the book in one go.

    Moreover, I like how the author addresses the reader directly. ‘You’ is important on every page. Rayne tries to make the girl-readers reflect themselves and their identity and is trying to be as inclusive as possible, addressing girls from all ethnicities, sexualities, cultural backgrounds etc. Yet, by trying to address so many different people, and including a whole variety of aspects to write about, she is only able to give the basic outlines of every aspect. Not being able to get into the details makes for a rather superficial book, although Rayne encourages girls to do some research on their own regarding the topics they want to know more about. While I think it is important for every person to figure out their identity on their own, the author also addresses topics such as pregnancy or STIs in which case I believe girls looking for help will not find them in this book. What can be found are, for example, illustrations of the male and female sex, various types of period paraphernalia, tips on relationships, information about sexual assault and rape, but again, there is no time to get into much detail.

    While Rayne is rather up-to-date on the information she includes, her writing is too forced and constructed at times. I understand that she is trying to be close to her audience and tries to achieve this by writing more informal and using the occasional slang words, yet I do not think this is entirely necessary and at times sounds a bit too ridiculous.

    Girl does not include a lot of new information, but it might help girls figure out where to start or which specific topics to look up further. I cannot speak for the intended audience, but I believe this book would not have made a big difference on my had I read it in my youth. However, it might include significant aspects for some girls and help them growing up.


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