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Rezension zu "Vampire Hunter (English Edition)" von Kassandra Lynn

A promising introduction into the world of vampires and their hunters
Artemis_25vor 2 Monaten

This was a short one for a change. The book felt a bit like a TV episode. Very fast-paced, too. Not too complicated to follow, despite the repetitiveness of some expressions, just something to relax from a trying day.
I think we‘ve seen the surface of what’s still to come. Enough to make one wish for more. I’m certainly curious about more in-depth information about the characters. The story is mainly told from Izella’s point of view (first person) with the occasional chapter from Rune’s (the vampire hunter) perspective. Naturally, we get to know Izella best. The others still feel a little nebulous to me.
There was a new spin to vampires I found quite fascinating to discover.
I loved the chemistry between Izella and Rune, and now I’m really looking forward to the sequel to see how it will develop further.


Rezension zu "A Second Chance at Happiness (Time Travel and Second Chance Book 3)" von Kassandra Lynn

Ok but not mind-blowing
Artemis_25vor 6 Monaten

This time, everything is different. Whereas in the two books before the heroines started out their second chance to change certain things in their lives in order to find their happiness and only then they found out that they had to save the empire, this time around, Elsa is told to do that at the very beginning.
This led to certain consequences in the reading experience.
For one, everything was far less personal. In the other books I have managed to get very close to the main characters very early. There was a connection there, so intense that I needed to know that they would have their happy ending. I simply could not stop reading. Somehow I have not been able to connect with Elsa in the same way, not even close. All she seems to think about is her task to get the crown prince to Emerald City, keep him safe from the Nungulians and in turn to keep the empire from falling into their hands. How she did that was interesting to follow to some degree but it dragged on a bit after a while. I missed being constantly on edge because there is to be expected another threat from the adversary like it was the case in the other books. Here we had some threats as well but I did not care enough about them because Elsa was not close enough to my heart.
The love story was quite cute. I liked that there were prejudices to overcome and some secrets to uncover. And I adored Ash. Had he been the main character, I think I would have liked the book better.
There is something I still do not understand: Elsa's inhuman strength. Where did that come from and why was it even included in the story? Yes, Elsa could fight better this way but it still felt out of place somehow.

All in all, the plot is ok to read, the love story quite cute, but I missed the essential connection to the main character. I liked the first two books in the series far better than this one.


Rezension zu "A Second Chance at Love (Time Travel and Second Chance)" von Kassandra Lynn

Can’t get enough of second chances
Artemis_25vor einem Jahr

I received an ARC and chose voluntarily to review.

A second chance at love? To think about needing one at all is sad but filled with hope at the same time. Well, not so much for Ursila. Right after being betrayed by the, so she’s thought at least, love of her life, Draven, the man she has given up being the empress of Viscent Empire for, and dying by being run over by a horse just after realizing that the emperor has her entire family beheaded for numerous crimes against the Empire, Ursila wakes up a year earlier, freshly married to the same ice-cold emperor Ezra. Disillusioned by love, she has set herself a new goal: safe her family from their deadly fate.

I remember having a very close connection to the leading character, Elaina, in the first book of the series (by the way, you don’t have to have read it because the books just share the same concept and setting, but the pairing you follow is different). It made for a very intense reading experience. This time it took a little longer for that to happen. Perhaps it was because Ursila hasn’t been threatened nearly as much by her enemies? Or because we‘re not confronted with Draven and Serene right from the start like it had been the case with Sonia? Important is that it did happen eventually, although I can’t quite pinpoint when. I can only guess it started when she got closer to Ezra and obstacles began to be thrown into their path to happiness together, especially when it became clearer that she weren’t only getting closer to him for her family’s sake anymore.
I loved how they slowly got to know each other better, how they got over prejudices and misunderstandings. It makes it even more exciting that you know quite a bit more about their feelings towards the other than they do by practically being in Ursila’s head (first person point of view) and by reading between the lines, by observing Ezra’s behaviour. I’ve been yelling at them from the sidelines a lot because of that, very telling of how invested I’ve been.
Besides all the love drama, there are the mysteries to be solved of how and why Ursila has been betrayed and her family killed. It’s all connected somehow, fun to speculate about and full of surprises, just the way I like it.

Now I’m excited about what „A Second Chance at Happiness“ will have in store for us, if I can’t put it down as well, if I fall in love with the characters again. Well, I’m pretty sure I will and I can’t wait for it to happen.


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