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A Richard & Judy Book Club Pick New York Times Bestseller Sara has never left Sweden but at the age of 28 she decides it’s time. She cashes in her savings, packs a suitcase full of books and sets off for Broken Wheel, Iowa, a town where she knows nobody. Sara quickly realises that Broken Wheel is in desperate need of some adventure, a dose of self-help and perhaps a little romance, too. In short, this is a town in need of a bookshop. With a little help from the locals, Sara sets up Broken Wheel’s first bookstore. The shop might be a little quirky but then again, so is Sara. And as Broken Wheel’s story begins to take shape, there are some surprises in store for Sara too… 'The perfect summer read' Stylist
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  • Prim people in a sweet story

    The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend


    23. August 2017 um 23:03

    Sara, aged 28, lives in Sweden. She has a penpal in the US, Amy, which is well over 60. They connect via their love of books, they even exchange titles that are precious to themselves. Amy invites Sara to visit her in Broken Wheel, a little town in Iowa, and Sara is warming up to the idea. She leaves her home country and arrives in Iowa - just to discover that Broken Wheel is not what she hoped for...Amy just died, and Sara finds herself in a town where people are kind, but somehow prim. She herself isn't too good with people either, but she wants to do something for the people who do so muh for her. To spice things up a bit in Broken Wheel, she decides to set up a bookshop. Slowly, but steadily, life begins again in Bbroken Wheel - but Sara only has a tourist visa and will be leaving soon - or not? I loved the protagonists in this book, and as well the many quotes about books, which are kind of main characters here as well. The prim and reticent people of Iowa are described afffectionately and authentic - there really are areas in the US where life is exactly like the life described in the book. Sara is a sweet, insecure young woman, but somehow her love of books makes her shine. There is George, a former alcoholic which functions as a driver for Sara who does not have a drivers licence. There is a gay couple as a symbol Broken Wheel is not as square as it seems, a middle-aged woman who soon becomes Sara's mentor, the handsome town bachelor and a man who was very special to late Amy. Really nothing new, but it fits together in such a charming way that reading was pure pleasure to me. Especially because I could imagine the brittle charm of such an American small town so well...The bookshop not only changes the lives of the Broken Wheelers, it also changes Sara's life. This story is a beautiful fairytale of a woman who dares to leave the beaten tracks of her normal life, just to be rewarded with new aquaintances, funny adventures, quirky challenges and - love. So who cares that none of this storylines is really new? This book is funny, moving and - in opposition to the printed label "The perfect summer read" on the cover - a wonderful book for any season of the year!

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