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Teresa probably wouldn't admit she's in hiding from her own life; she simply feels that being back in her tiny home town will keep her out of trouble. Spending her days painting, she's turned her back on more than her past, she's let go of all her hopes and dreams for the future and while this new life is a struggle, she's determined not to let anyone tempt her into changing course. But Scarcity wants to know her - Teresa's the only other lesbian in this tiny dot on the map after all, and Scarcity's position in life feels increasingly precarious. She's coming of age and coming out into a world that seems more hostile than welcoming. Things at home aren't all they could be and the more experienced Teresa might be able to offer her a helping hand, and a safe place in which Scarcity can truly be herself. Teresa's frightened of her though. The girl stirs up too many feelings in her, and she doesn't want to be reminded of needs that are going unfulfilled. It would be much easier if Scarcity would just leave her alone - on her own, Teresa can't repeat her worst mistakes. Unfortunately, what she's doing can barely be called living, and when Scarcity insists on being part of her life, Teresa may have to re-evaluate everything she thinks she knows about herself and the choices she's made . Enjoy Kate Genet's first unabashedly romantic novel, in which love wins out over angst and trouble. Genre: romance, lesbian romance, contemporary women's fiction, contemporary romance. Review: "This book is EXCELLENT. Any book that can make me CRY at least 4 or 5 times, make me invest in the characters so deeply, and marvel again at Kate's skill, is one I always wish I could forget, so I could have the pleasure of reading it again." Excerpt: The girl shook her head. 'You haven't heard a word I said, have you?' One side of Teresa's mouth quirked in a smile. 'You've said so many of them.' She was cute when she was confused. 'So many of what? I'm not following.' Teresa pushed aside her bowl of ice cream. She really wasn't fond of the stuff. Although it wasn't so bad melted on hot skin, licked from delicious places. She shook her head briefly, banishing the forbidden thought. 'Words,' she said, focusing on the kid. 'You've said so many words, since you got here.' Now the girl was obviously nonplussed. She stared a moment, then rallied. 'If you offered a few more towards the conversation, maybe I wouldn't have to.'
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