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Die Tochter des Vikars

Die Tochter des Vikars

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Expected sth different but it was ok :)
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To be honest, because of the cover I expected somehow a story about glamour or royals. But there wasn´t anything like that in it. Well...as long as you don´t count wealthy people as glamorous.

This book has three main characters (Nina, Devin and Aiden) and was written in the point of views of two of them (Nina and Devin).

Nina is a woman who grew up with an average lifestyle. But that wasn´t enough for her mother. Her mother always wanted to be a part of the High Society which turned her into someone Nina and her brother learned to despise and hate. That one idea turned Nina almost instantly into a millionaire was something she never had expected. But this new lifestyle comes with a price. Money changes people. Nina finds herself now in a position she hates. She´s divorced, without friends, unhappy, heartbroken and she is feeling like she became the woman she never wanted to be. And there is one man she wants but can´t have. One man whose secret turned her into a heartbroken and bitter bitch. If she could only let him go, if she could only get over him... When one stranger comes into her life, Nina finally starts to feel better. She feels "normal" again, more like herself. But could there be more between them?

Devin is the man who did a lot of mistakes that brought him to the place he is in now. He´s unhappily married and threatened by his wife. And now he lost Nina too. Nina, the woman he fell in love with the moment he met her. Nina, he was working for. Nina, he is trying to change his life for. Devin tries to work on his freedom. But secrets and lies aren´t easy to leave behind and the more those rule his life, the more he loses Nina. But he can´t lose her. She is his. He´d do anything to get her back. Seeing her with the man he hates the most is the final straw. He has to act. He has to finally get his life back. But will he?

Aiden is a barowner and musician. One look and one word and he was intrigued by Nina. Pursuing her was his goal. Although he made it clear not to be the type for relationships, he wanted to own her and didn´t want to share her. Not only was he into her, but also into her body. Her sexual appetite made her the more appealing to him. Could friendship turn to something more? Before they could get the answer to it, he was gone. One look at Nina´s Ex and he knew it was over. He didn´t stand a chance. Especially as his own secrets are those of a dangerous kind. He has to hide them as good as possible.

Will Nina finally find herself and be happy? Which man will be the one for her? What secrets and threats are there? And who tried to kill her? Will there be a happy end?

Read and find out ;)

My Opinion:

As i already said, I expected something different, but that´s not the fault of the author.

The writing style was good. There was just one spelling mistake in it as far as I can remember. That´s a plus point.

Another plus were all the quotes each chapter started with. Loved them. They were also very fitting.

Unfortunately I was somehow bored by this story :(

Nina was annoying. I didn´t like her. She was always whining and crying. She wasn´t the strong woman she was at the beginning or she was supposed to be. And then she was this nympho. She was horny all the time, just thinking about sex. When she didnt want to talk she would have sex. Her solution was always sex. I mean the sexscenes were hot, but there were too many in my opinion.

Devin...well.. He was an asshole, but somehow I didn´t see him as the bad guy. I just don´t understand why he´d let everything get that far.

Aiden... I was suspicious of him from the beginning. Maybe I didn´t enjoy this book because I was. I constantly thought that he has some hidden agenda. I didn´t even try to like him, even though he seemed to be good.  SPOILER START I thought first he´d work with Lisa (I think that was the name of Devins wife) or had some other plans. Well he turned out to be the bad guy so there was no surprise for me then SPOILER END

I was annoyed by the miscommunication. Why didn´t Devin tell Nina about everything. It would have made everything easier. He could have protected her better. They could have made plans together. It was just stupid.

I always hate reading about characters who drink alcohol and take medication at the same time. It´s not a good combination. Also... I always think that the female characters get pregnant because some heavy mediaction and throwing up and so on could make the birth control pill ineffective. Well... Here it would have been an quite interesting turn, as Nina had sex with both men.

I liked Taylor (I think it was her name)- her now partner. She was the only friend Nina got. She was "normal". Her secret though...the reason she was constantly going to Savannah. To be honest- I thought she had an affair with Violet´s Husband and didn´t want to say it. I was wrong- obviously.

I also liked Ninas driver who was like a father figure and also her bodyguard at the end. Her brother wasn´t so bad either.

The End was disappointing. There was also no epilogue. I know there´s another book coming with one of the sidecharacters as the main character, but still... I want or rather need to know if they are together in the future and what happened and how they live.

I´m sad that the book didn´t blow me away but I can´t like all books. I´ll def. will read another book by Kate Stewart at some point :)

Thanks to Kate Stewart or rather her PA Bex who send me the book in exchange for an honest review :) 


Rezension zu "Die Tochter des Vikars" von Kate Stewart

Rezension zu "Die Tochter des Vikars" von Kate Stewart
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