Kate Youngblood , Nycole Folk Lesbian Encounters: Five First Lesbian Sex Erotica Stories


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Lesbian Encounters: Five First Lesbian Sex Erotica Stories“ von Kate Youngblood

Here are five tales of lesbian awakening that are sure to please. From hot lesbian seduction to group lesbian sex, this collection is filled with sweet and steamy encounters. It’s just a click away and it can be on your kindle in seconds. Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity including first lesbian sex, lesbian seduction, reluctant sex, oral sex, and more. Only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this collection. 1. Janet and Alice Want to Play: A First Lesbian Group Sex Erotica Story by Bree Farsight I hated Vegas, but business brought me there almost every week. On the bright side, I could occasionally pick up an acceptable guy for a one night stand, but that wasn’t happening on this particular night. All the men were obnoxious and drunk, and I met two girls trying to deal with the same situation. Before I knew it, they were suggesting we have our own fun…without any men! I’d never done it before, but that didn’t stop Janet and Alice from giving me my very first lesbian sex experience in a threesome I’ll never forget. 2. Donna Looks: A Lesbian Group Sex Erotica Story by Sarah Blitz DONNA’S CORRUPTION is the first series in new erotic saga SMOKING LESBIANS from Sarah Blitz. This hilarious and sexy series tells the story of a group of lesbians determined to infiltrate and corrupt the Anti-Smoking/Anti-Lesbian League. With plenty of laughs and plenty of scorching sex, this is one series you don’t want to miss! In this story, Donna, our hapless protagonist, is forced to watch a lesbian orgy. The worst part about it is that she really doesn’t want to pull her eyes away! 3. Deirdre Debbie and Me: A Lesbian Group Sex Erotica Story by Connie Hastings Who would have thought that right after finals I’d wake up and my roommates would have their hands and mouths all over me? It was my first lesbian sex, and it happened in a group! 4. Katie’s Massage: A Lesbian Group Sex Erotica Story by Nycole Folk Here is the second story in the new collaborative series from Red Hot Explicit Erotica Press. Nycole Folk takes over where Angela Ward and Connie Hastings left off. Katie and her husband Hal explore her sexual fantasies, and the results are sometimes shocking and always red hot! 5. THE BRIDE TO BE’S LESBIAN SEDUCTION (A Group First Lesbian Sex Erotica Story) by Kate Youngblood Annie’s very, very stressed about the wedding. It’s so hard on her, that she loses it when her Maid of Honor Kandace asks a simple question about her wedding night attire. She’s a mess! She can’t even try on her bridal lingerie without going crazy. One of her bridesmaids shows up, so now she has her two best friends in the world with her, but she’s still overwhelmed. Finally, Kandace and Sylvia decide it’s time to give Annie some stress relief, and before she has a chance to tell them to stop, she’s right in the middle of a lesbian sex threesome! It’s her very first lesbian sex, and this bride is going to have an experience she’ll never forget.
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