Kate Youngblood , Annabelle Fremont University Heat: Five College Girl Erotica Stories


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Inhaltsangabe zu „University Heat: Five College Girl Erotica Stories“ von Kate Youngblood

College is a time for exploration, right? Well in this collection of five erotica stories, the exploration gets hot! With first lesbian sex, public sex, first anal sex, and group sex; these lovely ladies are learning a whole hell of lot more than World History and Calculus! It’s all just a click away, and it can be on your kindle in seconds! Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity including first lesbian sex, group sex, orgy sex, first anal sex, rough sex, sorority hazing, reluctant sex, and more. Only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this ebook. 1. ORGY AFTER FRESHMAN ORIENTATION (A Hot Young Co-ed All-Out Orgy Erotica Story) by Kate Youngblood Monique is eighteen, just entering college, and young. Don’t take that to mean she’s innocent. The frat boys call her Monique the Mouth, and there’s a good reason for it! When she meets the handsome and exciting master’s student, Donnie, she’s in for more than oral action, though. He blindfolds her and takes her on a journey of endless orgasms in the backyard of the frat house, where men and woman please each other and she enjoys overwhelming orgy sex! 2. Resident Advisor: A College Sex Tale of Voyeurism By Annabelle Fremont She was the dorm resident advisor, and it was her job to make sure there was no funny business going on. She knew she’d have to keep a close eye on the beautiful young student with the bubbly personality, the ass that wouldn’t quit, and the eyes that spoke of easy sexuality. Sure enough, Honey ended up with a man in her dorm room. It was Sarah’s job to put an end to it. It wasn’t Sarah’s job to enjoy the sight so much that she had to keep watching! It certainly wasn’t Sarah’s job to masturbate while she hid and peeped! 3. Sally’s Backyard: A Group Sex in Public Erotica Story by Connie Hastings College so far was wonderful, and I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed my roommates. I was only there for two weeks, though, when I realized just how much the four of us would share. In this case, it was Cynthia’s boyfriend, and we all shared him right in the backyard! What if someone had simply looked over the fence? 4. The Rooftop Sorority Orgy: A Hazing Group Sex Erotica Story with First Lesbian Sex by Mackynna Ruble I never would have expected I’d be so quick to obey when the pledge mistress ordered me around. Nonetheless, I found myself naked on top of the campus library with all the other pledges enduring a humiliating spanking. That was bad enough but then the excitement really started! Before I knew it there were frat boys involved and a total stranger was fucking me. As if that wasn’t enough, a bunch of the sorority sisters jumped in too. Every one of the pledges had to take on a boy and a girl! I had my first ever lesbian sex, and it all happened out in public! 5. The Slutty Cheerleader’s Sex in Public: A Rough First Anal Sex Erotica Story by Bree Farsight A college cheerleader at her college's risqué winter carnival stumbles upon two strangers going at it in the alleyway. Excited and enticed she gets a few first experiences as an unnamed quarterback gives her pleasure of her wildest dreams. All in one night, many erotic adventures await her and the strangers in the alleyway. It's a steamy and erotic spectacle of unexpected sexual bliss.
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