A Gossamer Veil of Sanity: A Chronicle of The 1st Texas Dragon Slayers

A Gossamer Veil of Sanity: A Chronicle of The 1st Texas Dragon Slayers
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A Gossamer Veil of Sanity is a lesbian science fiction, alien invasion, post apocalyptic, character study :) ... Invariably our nocturnal walks end on the shore of our lake; Vi and I seemingly drawn to its shores to witness each new dawn. On occasion we find that we have walked unknowing into an ephemeral barrier as the fledgling day touches lightly on the water, illuminating a gossamer veil of mist softly blanketing the soothing warmth of the waters below. We watch transfixed, captivated by this unique moment of each day during which we are allowed to witness the spirits of the lake paying homage to The Goddess Herself; each new day bringing gentle offerings cast upon an alter of opaque dreams; undulating gently as they move slowly but inexorably upward to be accepted into the new dawn. Much later I would remember these moments as I struggled to find a footing in the storm of madness ever present in my waking dreams, seeing all around me only a gossamer veil of sanity that seemed ever out of my reach, the timeless chaos of madness always beyond, the ephemeral solace of sanity fading slowly but inexorably into the distance, leaving only nightmares filled with darkness and my own screams with which to feed my mind. Elpidia Sofia de Pareo ... I swung first at the joint of the creature’s forward right leg, using the blade of the axe and hoping to break the joint. I was rewarded by solid ‘thunk’, a shudder from the creature, and a clear indentation on the joint. Ever grateful for the gloves I was wearing I swung again, bringing the blade and the full force of the six pound head over my head spinning downward on the 36” handle and slamming the blade into the leg joint. This time the leg buckled at the joint and the creature yawed towards the failed leg. I stepped back and, in two more swings had crippled the middle leg in the same manner. As the second joint fell the creature was supported on the right side only by its rear leg, so it fell forward and to its right and onto the right side of its head, the crippled legs buckling beneath it, exposing the left side of its head and neck. It still had not moved and seemed to be either dead or stunned. I walked around to the front left of the dragon, focused on the joint of the armor between its head and the body of the armored suit and swung the blade down with all my strength hoping to split its armor at the joint. Each time I hit the joint I could see that I was bending the edges of the armor in. What I was hoping to do was to open up the outer armor to a (I speculated) softer internal suit, then use the pick end of the axe to punch a hole through that. I assumed (hoped!) then that the creature would succumb to either our atmosphere or our pressure or both, just as would a human astronaut on alien planet in a pressurized suit should a leak occur. On the fifth swing it looked like I had opened up a slot in the armor. I stopped for just a second to catch my breath, and realized that I was literally sweating rivulets down my face, back, chest, and arms. After two deep breaths I flipped the axe about, wiped the sweat from my eyes with the back of my glove, and swung the axe purposefully, bringing the spike down solidly down onto the gap I’d opened up. The spike bit deeply and stuck and I heard a noise of gas escaping like when you pop the cap on a soda can. A fine mist sprayed out beside the bit and coated the axe head in a dark brown liquid. I wrenched the bit loose and the jagged rectangular hole immediately spewed forth a shower of droplets and gas and began to discharge the same brown liquid as the beast began to convulse, twisting and thrashing about. I had not anticipated the fury of its death throes and was hit in the face by one of its legs. I felt myself being knocked back and then realized I was lying on my back on the ground about ten feet away from the beast where it continued to convulse. I wrinkled my nose in disgust at a foul odor emanating from the creature...


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