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Autor von Crystal, Make My Wish Come True und weiteren Büchern.

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Erschienen am 07.06.2007

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Rezension zu "Crystal" von Katie Price

Shallow to the max, yet entertaining...
Queenelyzavor 3 Jahren

Every once in a while I need something really shallow, something easy to read while I'm engaging in some chocolate and red wine. Something that takes part in a glittery world far from the normal world, a little escape to settings I'm sure I wouldn't like if experienced in real life.

I then tend to read books by authors (?) about which my friends would say: "Wow. SHE really wrote a book? A REAL book?" So I already tried Ivana Trump and Naomi Campbell. Now I decided to give Katie Price a chance. For those who do not know her: you missed nothing, I assure you. In former times she was a British page 3 girl, followed by regular modeling, although more glamour than high fashion. She tried some singing, some fashion designing, gave her name to various perfumes - and I think she also went into the jungle. But this is not about her, but about her book "Crystal".

The story describes the way of a young (oh, and beautiful, I forgot!) woman through the jungle of a casting show. Well, this is the setting. What is more important is the love and drama that arises out of this career. I guess Katie Price has at least a clue about the circles she writes about, but that was about it. What could have been a sassy, turbulent story about a girl finding her way in show business turned into a very constructed foreseeable relationship drama which was neither erotic nor interesting. The main character, although nice enough, was not enough to keep the whole book going, but at least you could notice a development in her. Most of the other characters were incredibly boring and flat. The storyline was so transparent that all surprises failed to surprised me even the slightest bit. And all catastrophes known to men (sorry, women) were used to complicate Crystal's way to the top.

Sounds bad? Well, it wasn't that bad at all. It was not very original, but entertaining enough to keep me reading, and it was good fun for a lazy afternoon. That's all I expect from this kind of book. Okay, I would have loved the story to be a little bit deeper, but you can't have everything, at least not at this Price!


Rezension zu "Crystal" von Katie Price

Rezension zu "Crystal" von Katie Price
lucivor 10 Jahren

Dieser Roman ist ein absolut witziger, amüsanter und frischer Frauenroman. die Sexszenen werden zwar teilweise ein bisschen zu ausführlich geschildert, aber ansonsten ist es ein einfach schöner, zum absoluten Spaß haben und Abschalten geeigneter Roman.


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