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Body Language (Apollo's Men Book 0)

Body Language (Apollo's Men Book 0)

Erschienen am 16.02.2016

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Cute little romance in ancient persia
Sakukovor einem Jahr

A cute litte short-story.
Lykos, a Thracian prince and his guide and friend, the Persian Narses rescue a Persian boy from bandits that already killed his father.
Despite the language barrier (Lykos speaks barely any Persian, the boy, Kas,  barely and Greek), Lykos and Kas are very much attracted to each other and Kas sets out to seduce his rescuer on the way back into civilisation.

I liked the story, even though it's a little heavy handed in execution sometimes.

The three main character are all very sympathetic and I especially liked Narses stony annoyance at the young guys blatant flirting and necking.
I felt the hold-back was very contrived (Lykos felt he could not take Kas home with him because he didn't have the funds to feed one more mouth, even though he's a prince) and in the end just ignored without ever talking about it again.

The story is told alternatively from Kas and Lykos perspective, so we get a good idea of both of their though process, regardless of the language barrier.

The setting seems pretty accurate and the author uses a little too many Greek words for my taste. There is a Lexicon at the back, but that's always a little hard to get to in a eBook. I felt it could have been smoother reading if some of the words would have been left out or explained, since they where not really important for the story anyway.


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