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  1. Band 1: Timmy Quinn - Turtle Boy

    Ersterscheinung: 02.09.2010
    Aktuelle Ausgabe: 02.09.2010
  2. Band 2: Timmy Quinn - The Hides

    Ersterscheinung: 09.09.2010
    Aktuelle Ausgabe: 09.09.2010
    It's been almost seven years since the events of Myers Pond. Seven years since a child rose from the dead, seeking Timmy Quinn's help in finding a murderer, a search that left more questions than answers in its terrifying wake. But for Timmy, the dead never leave. They're everywhere, reaching out to him, and there is nowhere to hide from their quiet desperation. Following a nightmarish encounter at home, Timmy's search for peace takes him to his grieving grandmother, and a small harbor town on the South coast of Ireland. But no peace can exist in a place whose past is colored by hate, betrayal and murder, and it is not long before Timmy realizes his haven has become a cage. And in the very foundations of an old crumbling factory, the dead are gathering. Uniting. To save his life and the lives of those he loves, Timmy Quinn must step behind the Curtain, into the realm of the dead and face something far more terrifying than he has ever encountered before-- a monstrous entity known only as The Hides...
  3. Band 3: Timmy Quinn - Vessels

    Ersterscheinung: 09.09.2010
    Aktuelle Ausgabe: 09.09.2010
    The Third book in the award-winning Timmy Quinn series. On a remote island off the coast of Ireland, an unpiloted boat drifts ashore, watched by a man to whom the dead are something to be feared… In a small stone chapel that stands hunkered against the vicious island winds, a woman whispers a frantic prayer to the gathering dark as something pale and dreadful scratches at the window. A young girl races to the shore to meet her lover and finds something monstrous instead… And in a confessional, a dead man waits to tell his sins… A gunshot in a church in Los Angeles leads Tim Quinn halfway around the world and into a nightmare, for on Blackrock Island, he will find love, murder and madness, and discover an earth-shattering truth about the Curtain, and those who hide behind it.
  4. Band 4: Timmy Quinn - Peregrine's Tale

    Ersterscheinung: 20.12.2010
    Aktuelle Ausgabe: 20.12.2010
    The fourth volume in the award-winning Timmy Quinn series. At eleven years of age, strange things started to happen to a boy named Timmy Quinn. His ordinary life was abruptly thrown into chaos by the revelation that there exists a separate plane of existence reserved solely for the vengeful spirits of the murdered: The Curtain. Worse, Timmy is a conduit for these monstrous entities, allowing them to walk freely between worlds to exact their brutal vengeance. His search for answers has taken him halfway around the world, forcing him to endure many horrors, among them the revelation that the spiritual realm known as The Stage may have been man-made, and that the dead do not operate of their own free will, but are instead influenced by an enigmatic figure known only as "Peregrine." About this man, Timmy knows nothing. But he will learn, and in time, he will come to know Peregrine as an adversary worse than the vengeful dead. This is Peregrine's Tale. This edition includes two bonus short stories and an excerpt from the final volume NEMESIS.
  5. Band 5: Timmy Quinn - Nemesis

    Ersterscheinung: 28.10.2012
    Aktuelle Ausgabe: 28.10.2012
    Selected as one of FEARNET.com's Best Books of 2012. The conclusion to the award-winning Timmy Quinn series. "We no longer need the sun to cast our shadows, for we have become them." For over twenty years Tim Quinn has lived in the shadow of death. Now, the Curtain has come down and the dead no longer need him to facilitate their vengeance. As the air turns amber, the shadows deepen, and murderous revenants begin to stalk the streets, Tim and the woman he loves must race to find Peregrine, the man they believe responsible for the sundering of the veil between the living and the dead. While the sins of the past intertwine with the present and vicious entities old and new arise to claim dominion, Tim must learn the secrets of The Stage and uncover the genesis of those who created it before The Stage becomes all there is. But just as there are enemies in Tim's dark new world, so too are there allies: The Conduits, people possessed of similar gifts who share a common goal: to find and destroy Peregrine before Peregrine destroys them all. In the final battle, Tim will fight not only for the woman he loves and the life she carries within her, but for the very fate of mankind. It is a battle that will transcend realms, cost lives, and at last bring Tim Quinn face to face with his nemesis. NEMESIS is the epic novel-length conclusion of the acclaimed Timmy Quinn series, which began in 2004 with the Bram Stoker Award-winning novella THE TURTLE BOY. *Included in the digital edition is an exclusive preview of NIGHT FALLS ON MEMORY LANE, a new series coming in 2014.

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