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Inhaltsangabe zu „"Don't be Nice, be Real"“ von Kelly Bryson

Shows that non-violent communication works wonders, in even the roughest of situations. This book provides us with the tools we need for self-responsible, non-judgemental, clear and conscious honesty.
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  • Rezension zu ""Don't be Nice, be Real"" von Kelly Bryson

    "Don't be Nice, be Real"


    03. July 2007 um 16:19

    Da das Buch auf Englisch ist, kann auch ruhig meine Rezension auf Englisch sein ;o) ... Kelly Bryson successfully explains what healthy, true selfishness is without drifting into the dangerous water of pop psychology that claims that healthy selfishness means being childishly self-centered when dealing with other people. (The German author Josef Kirschner is a good example of this kind of crap.) The concept of nonviolent communication is of great use for anyone who doesn't know who to express his feelings when dealing with other people. What makes this book so remarkable is that it isn't just a handbook on the nonviolent communication technique, but a handbook on Bryson's varied and very valuable experiences during his complicated journey from a troubled childhood to being a psychologist working with religious fanatics in Ireland and Muslims during the Bosnian war. His profound analysis of the mistakes some psychologists still make because of their own unsolved issues and of the state of (American) society in general (in a big sweep catching religious fundemantalists, radical activists and relationships in big trouble) is further enlightening. Believe me, I'm no friend of trendy New Age Pop Esoteric Enlightened Psychology Philosophy whatever, and so what made me like this book was that the author obviously is a serious and experienced professional. Still, I don't give the book all stars because especially in the last chapter the author got a little bit too carried away in some kind of Hippie Preacher Rhetorics and I further didn't like that in spite of his claims of tolerance and open-mindedness Bryson seemed largely to ignore homosexual relationships throughout the book, especially when talking about that only female energy attracks male energy in relationships etc.

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