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Inhaltsangabe zu „Return to Me“ von Kelly Moran

Return to me is more than just a love story. It's a story of self-sacrifice, perseverance, healing, and so much more.

— Lonechastesoul

Stöbern in Romane

Die Herzen der Männer

Ein gutes Buch, wenn auch nicht perfekt


Der Zopf

Mein Frühjahrshighlight!!!



Interessantes Buch, das allerdings sehr vieles offen lässt



Aus einer grauen, tristen und kranken Vergangenheit konnte sich Karl nur durch Tanja in ein lebenswertes Leben befreien.


Fliegende Hunde

Eine niedliche Geschichte zweier Mädchen, welche doch mehr ausgebaut werden können.


Summ, wenn du das Lied nicht kennst

Insgesamt ein trauriges, aber auch hoffnungsvolles Buch über das Miteinander verschiedener Menschen. Lesen!


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  • With every beat of the heart comes a memory of what could have been…

    Return to Me


    08. September 2015 um 14:56

    "I will wait forever for you if I have to, Mia". Cole and Mia met at Cole’s family summer house as teenagers and fell deeply and irrevocably in love. Mia was the daughter of the help, and Cole was the son of the very rich and powerful Covingtons. They were from two very different worlds, and unfortunately their love ended with both their hearts shredded. Now they are reunited, but it won't be all sunshine and roses. The story flashes back and forth from past to present so that the reader gets a glimpse of Cole and Mia first meeting, forming a bond and then falling hopelessly in love. I appreciated experiencing that because it made me understand their profound connection. I longed for Cole and Mia to work things out and finally have the future together they both deserved. Return to me is more than just a love story. It's a story of self-sacrifice, perseverance, healing, and so much more. I recommend this read. You will not be disappointed. A great start to the “Covington Series”.

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