Ker Dukey The Broken (The Broken Series)


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Inhaltsangabe zu „The Broken (The Broken Series)“ von Ker Dukey

This is a Dark NA Romance intended for a Mature audience only, 18+ graphic sexual content and heavy issues. Just when sixteen year old River thought life couldn't get any worse... it does. Left with nowhere else to turn, she finds herself trapped with a false savior entwining her life straight to the last place she should be: an abusive, dangerous relationship with Danny-- permanently ending every chance she had with the only boy she ever loved. Now, fours years later, and no better off than she was at sixteen, Sammy -- the boy that got away-- returns only to find River's life bleaker than ever. He ran away from her when she needed him the most, but unanswered questions plagued him and after seeing her again, the feelings that he pushed into the deep recesses of his heart have reignited into a flame he is certain he can not ignore. When the sparks between Sammy and River finally ignite, it will leave explosive consequences for everyone.  5 stars WOW! What an amazing story! A Must Read!, By  Fike's Book Blog WOW! What an emotional and heartfelt story. This is River's Story! (aka Twink) River has never had an easy life....from losing her mother at a young age she always had her brother Blaydon there. He protected her and cared for her and took a beating for doing it. River has loved one man....Sammy. Unfortunately growing up Sammy was two years older than her and also Blay's best friend. Sammy knew there was only one girl who owned his heart and that was River, unfortunately he never thought she would destroy it so quickly without a word or reason why. She chose Danny over him and it destroyed him. So he packed up and left for college not looking back. He would never allow a woman to hurt him so much again. Four years later....Sammy comes back to watch his little brother Jase. He never thought seeing her again would make all those feelings resurface but that's exactly what happened. He realizes he's more attracted to her now but fights to not sure her that. River is a shell...she goes through the motions but hasn't been the same since four years ago when the love of her life walked out of her life. Upon returning she can't help but feel the fire burning inside her for Sammy. She feels things she never thought possible anymore. Unfortunately Danny isn't willing to let River go and he will do whatever means necessary to make sure she stays as his. River knows the depths that Danny will go to and cannot allow the ones she loves to be harmed or hurt. River doesn't tell anyone her situation but continues to stay with Danny though she despises him. When things come to a head and the truth comes out all hell breaks loose. There's pain, blood, death, sadness, love, and hope that things can change. Can River get away from Danny and be with her one true love Sammy or will things end before they could ever begin for the two lost loves? This was by far an amazing and very quick read. I could not put it down! Definitely a must read!!!
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