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Cover des Buches Halloween Carnival Volume 1 (ISBN: 9780399182037)

Halloween Carnival Volume 1

Erschienen am 03.10.2017
Cover des Buches October Nights (Clifton Heights, Band 5) (ISBN: 9781737721888)

October Nights (Clifton Heights, Band 5)

Erschienen am 19.10.2021

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Cover des Buches October Nights (Clifton Heights, Band 5) (ISBN: 9781737721888)M

Rezension zu "October Nights (Clifton Heights, Band 5)" von Kevin Lucia

misspidervor einem Jahr

This was my first visit to Clifton Heights, and I might just visit that town again sometime - though it may be safer to stay away... This book offers a handful of spooky stories loosely connected by Clifton Heights on Halloween and some of its permanent residents. What I did like: the creepy atmosphere throughout all of the stories, the often very emotional character building, which lend all tales some substantial depth, and the surprising endings. What I did not like: my favorite stories of the bunch were the first ones and also the shortest. A perfect book for the season's darker days and longer nights.

(I chose to read and review this book, which was kindly provided as an ARC by the publisher)

Cover des Buches Halloween Carnival Volume 1 (ISBN: 9780399182037)M

Rezension zu "Halloween Carnival Volume 1" von Robert R. McCammon

Perfect to get into the Halloween mood
misspidervor 5 Jahren

The first in a new series of short story collections, Halloween Carnival is the perfect read to get in the mood for Halloween. And just like the sweets you trick or treat, you never know what you end up with until you upend your bag at home, riffle through your treasures and have a taste:

Strange Candy (Robert McCammon)
A solid story to start this collection. Enjoyable, but not too memorable. ***

The Rage of Achilles (Kevin Lucia)
Wow! Creepy, sad, this emits the strongest Halloween vibe. My favorite of the bunch. *****

Demon Air (John R. Little)
Demons on a plane. Silly & bloody my least favorite in this collection. **

La Hacienda de los Muertos (Lisa Morton)
Entertaining. ***

I liked it. Very much. A bit predictable, but the writing was superb. Who is this author and why haven't I heard of him before?! (rushing off to check his other works) ****

Now that I got my first taste of Halloween Carnival, I want more!

(Thanks to Netgalley, the author, and the publisher for a copy of the book, all opinions are my own)


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