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Inhaltsangabe zu „Now I Rise“ von Kiersten White

Empires will topple, thrones will be won . . . and souls will be lost. The mind-blowing sequel to AND I DARKEN, described by Buzzfeed as ‘A dark, gritty, and seriously badass epic’ is a sweeping Ottoman-inspired historical adventure. Starring the inimitable anti-princess Lada, the dagger-wielding drama of her story is perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas and Victoria Aveyard. Lada Dracul has no allies and no throne. After failing to seize the crown she believes is hers, Lada is out to punish anyone who dares to cross her. Filled with a white-hot rage, she storms the countryside terrorizing the land. But brute force isn’t getting her what she wants. And thinking of Mehmed, the sultan she might have been in love with, brings little comfort to her thorny heart. She left him before he could leave her. Lada needs her brother Radu’s subtlety and skill. But Mehmed has sent him to Constantinople as his reluctant spy. Radu longs for his sister’s fierce confidence but for the first time in his life, he rejects her unexpected plea for help. Torn between loyalties to faith, to the Ottomans, and to Mehmed, he knows he owes Lada nothing. If she dies, he could never forgive himself, but if he fails in Constantinople, will Mehmed ever forgive him?

Eine gelungene Fortsetzung in einer spannenden Trilogie.

— KiddoSeven

Ein toller zweiter Teil der die Geschichte super weiterführt und richtig Lust auf Geschichte macht!

— KimSlr

Stöbern in Jugendbücher

Deine letzte Nachricht. Für immer.

Wow. Ein unfassbar berührendes Buch.


Am Abgrund des Himmels

Leider fällt dieses Buch unter das Genre Romance, denn mit Fantasy hat das wenig zu tun.


AMANI - Verräterin des Throns

Spannende Fortsetzung


Das Reich der Sieben Höfe – Flammen und Finsternis

Toll toll toll toll 😍


Stell dir vor, dass ich dich liebe

Eine tolle Aussage, eine mal wirklich übergewichtige Protagonistin - leider kippt das Buch krass ins Kitschige.


Die 100 - Rebellion

Eine meiner Lieblingsserie!


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  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Read Now I Rise

    Now I Rise


    11. June 2017 um 04:49

    This review was originally posted to my blog readingthroughthenights!To be completely honest with you guys, I have no idea how to write this review? I absolutely adored both books in The Conqueror Saga and all I want to do is yell at you guys to read them both as soon as possible? I want to tell you to run out and get your hands on a copy of And I Darken and then immediately preorder Now I Rise because they deserve all the love they can possibly get!Now, let's talk about what I loved so much about these two books and make you want to read them too?Reason #1: The SettingUp until this point in my reading experience I haven't read any books set in the Ottoman Empire and so this was a completely new territory for me and I was a bit worried that I would get lost in the story a little bit and it admittedly happened a couple of times while listening to And I Darken but the story was so much easier to follow in Now I Rise! I loved getting to explore this part of the world and of history especially. I do enjoy learning about historical events but unfortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to get into historical fiction before. I couldn't be happier that this was my first look into what historical fiction can be!Reason #2: The DiversityWe all know that I have made it a goal to read more diverse books this year and I was so happy about all of the diversity in this book! We had racial, sexual and religious diversity from the very beginning and I really appreciated it! I really enjoyed Radu's first reaction to partaking in prayer with a Muslim man and his constant struggle with religion and how religion guided him in his life and in his decisions. The story's setting in time and place also means that there are prejudices against various diversities included in this book and we get to see the characters deal with them and it gives them such room for growth and development! Reason #3: Complex Relationships Between Our Three Main CharactersI think one of the aspects I loved most about these books so far are the complex relationships between our three main characters Lada, Radu and Mehmed. We follow them from the moment they enter this world and we get to see them grow up and develop different relationships with each other that each come with their own difficulties and tests over the years and I loved that so, so much. Seeing Lada and Radu's relationship change over the years was even more interesting as they are always in competition with each other and such polar opposites in a lot of ways.Reason #4: Lada DraculHonestly, this trilogy has given me a new female character to adore and I am so thankful! And while I thought I have been introduced to kickass characters before, I think Lada by far takes the crown! From a very young age, she is ruthless and not afraid to stand up for what she believes is right and even more so for what she believes she deserves and seeing her grow into the person she is by the end of Now I Rise was both awesome and absolutely terrifying. I wouldn't want to get on her bad side - ever. Seriously, I am afraid for the fate of anyone who dares to get in her way in the final book of this trilogy!Reason #5: There Is Kindness Even In The Most Dark PlacesThis is something that really stood out to me while reading this book. Even when things are truly bad and there are such horrible things happening Lada and Radu will show kindness to the people they think deserve it. I feel like this was even more so true for Radu during the events of this book. He was surrounded by so much horror and hurt and he still tried to show kindness when he could while still fulfilling his role. But I wouldn't compare Radu's kindness to the one that Lada showed. She is an entirely different person and shows kindness in a different way.

  • Thrones will be won. Souls will be lost.

    Now I Rise


    08. May 2017 um 23:03

    Ihr findet die Review auch auf meinem Blog und meinem Goodreads :)Kann Spoiler enthalten, wenn man 'And I Darken' noch nicht gelesen hat. In 'Now I Rise', der Fortsetzung zu 'And I Darken' von Kiersten White wird die Geschichte um Lada, Radu und Mehmed weiter erzählt und knüpft direkt an den Vorgänger an. Lada verließ Mehmed und Radu, um ihr Erbe Wallachia einzufordern. Mehmed verfolgt währenddessen seine eigenen Pläne...Das Cover gefällt mir auch hier sehr gut. Es ist wieder schlicht gehalten und hinterlässt mit den Farben und dem aussagekräftigen Motiv einen starken Eindruck. Hier gefällt mir die UK Version wieder besser. Diese zeigt Lada und sieht wieder richtig mächtig aus. Ich warte auch hier mal verzweifelt auf einen Hardcover-Release.Der Schreibstil hat sich zum ersten Teil nicht verändert und bleibt gleich stark. Er liest sich flüssig und schafft eine sehr gute und düstere Atmosphäre. Kiersten White spielt gekonnt mit Worten und hat sichtlich Freude daran. Hat mir wieder sehr gut gefallen.Was mir bei 'Now I Rise' sehr positiv aufgefallen ist, war wieder die Charakterentwicklung, die wirklich sehr ausgeprägt ist. Es liest sich so super und man fühlt sich wirklich in alles hinein.Kiersten Whites Charaktere sind einfach wahnsinn. Mein absoluter Liebling ist weiterhin Lada, die sich so unglaublich toll entwickelt hat. Ich fand ihre sinnlose und brutale Art zwar auch toll und abwechslungsreich, jetzt gefällt sie mir aber noch besser. Sie steht für ihre Überzeugungen ein und sorgt für einen starken Plot Twist.Radu hingegen entwickelt sich für mich nicht in die erhoffte Richtung. Es nervt mich mittlerweile richtig, wie besessen er von Mehmed ist... Ich hoffe und denke auch, dass sich das noch ändern wird.Mehmed... ja was soll ich da sagen...macht euch euer eigenes Bild, damit ich hier nicht zu viel Spoiler und noch ein paar überraschende Wendungen vorhanden bleiben. Mehmed sorgt in 'Now I Rise' für einige Überraschungen.Die Handlung bleibt von Anfang bis Ende spannend und erfüllt meine Erwartungen, die ich nach 'And I Darken' hatte. Wirklich toll und spannend geschrieben!Dieses Buch bekommt von mir starke 4 Sterne und eine große Empfehlung, an alle, die auch mal eine Anti-Heldin verkraften.

  • Now I Rise - Kiersten White

    Now I Rise


    05. May 2017 um 20:40

    Diese Rezension ist zu erst auf meinem Blog erschienen.  First of all, let me put a spoiler warning here for anyone who hasn't read the first book yet! As this is a sequel I might mention some things that could be considered a spoiler for the first book. I requested this book on NetGalley quite a while ago and then totally forgot about it, even though the first book 'And I Darken' was sitting on my shelf, waiting to be read. So when not only I, but also my bestie, got approved for the book, we decided to read both asap. As with the first book this is a historical fiction, taking place everywhere between Wallachia (Eastern Europe) and the Ottoman Empire and recounting actual historical events. The Plot picked up right where the first part left of, and I liked this one even more, because it was interesting and fast-paced from the very beginning. To me the important thing in this novel is the character developement. While I didn't like Lada in the very beginning of the first book I really thing she underwent an immense character developement and really grew into hersef. She is still mean and self-serving but she isn't needlessly cruel anymore. What I love most about her is that, even though her love or Mohammed grew stronger and she is aware of that, she is able to distance herself from those feelings and even go against them. Usually, in cases where the goal of the female protagonist is ad odds with the goal of her love interest either of them gives and is turned to the others side or they turn into enemys and their love is swept under the rug. In this case she does struggle with her feelings and is tempted to give up her quest to join his, yet she never seriously considers it.  Radu on the other hand has undergone a developement I don't like at all. While at the beginning I didn't like him, because he seemed very whiny and weak, I did come to like him toward the end of the first book. But, as soon as he grew ino someone I could like, he showed his meanstreak. His obsession with Mohammed became even more all consuming and he was perfectly willing to sacrifice anyone and anything for it, even his sister and himself. Toward the end this changed somehwat and he realized how important his sister was to him and he started to let other people in and there might even be a new love interest in store for him in future books.  To be perfectly honest I don't want to make a proclamation on whether or not I like him, because so far his personality has seemed very fickle. Then of course there is Mohammed. My opinion of him hasn't changed much since the first book because I don't think he hasn't changed much. He has become somewhat more ruthless in his persuit of what he wants and I do resent him for the way he treats Radu, fully aware of how Radu feels for him. But, again, I do believe he really loves both Lada and Radu and truly either thinks he's doing what is best, or in some cases doesn't realize how wrong he is. All in all I rated this book 4 stars, just like the first book and i can't wait to continue on with the story!

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