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    Duck! (Avian Shifters) (Volume 1)


    30. December 2017 um 18:10 Rezension zu "Duck! (Avian Shifters) (Volume 1)" von Kim Dare

    Ori is a young avian shifter. Since he grew up in foster care he doesn't know what species he is, and won't know for sure until he can shift at his 21st birthday. And for avians, species means rank. The elders assume he's a duckling, one of the lowest species, so he has to take orders from everyone and gets abused constantly until Raynard, a hawk, sees the cruelty and recruits the boy for his own, new, household.Soon Ori goes from servant to Raynards submissive and he flourish in the role. But when it is time for Ori's first ...

  • Flat and uninteresting

    Turquoise and Leather (Collared)


    18. December 2017 um 11:41 Rezension zu "Turquoise and Leather (Collared)" von Kim Dare

    Marcus sees a young man dancing on the table that sparks his interest and he makes a move, but then he notices the collars, and backs off.Now Eric pursues him, pointing out he's just wearing a necklace but doesn't belong to anyone. George is skeptical about playing with a novice, but he can't resist Eric.Another mediocre short. I guess those books about club boys just don't really work for me. George just was another totally exchangeable Dom, Eric was chatty to the point of serious second-hand embarrassment, but at least he had ...

  • Rather lackluster romance

    Once a Brat


    17. December 2017 um 23:57 Rezension zu "Once a Brat" von Kim Dare

    Bret is new to the leather scene, but on his first day at the club he's seen Marcus and decided he's the Dom for him. That Marcus has been ignoring him for a whole month doesn't change that. Bret might be a chatterbox and not a very traditional sub, but he's sure if he just get a chance he can prove that he can obey and follow. Well, it's pretty decent as erotica, though I found the romance rather lackluster.The dialog was pretty cringe-worthy at times even though it often also funny, and while I agree with most of Brets thoughts ...

  • Not really a fairy tale

    With a Kiss


    17. December 2017 um 15:41 Rezension zu "With a Kiss" von Kim Dare

    Liam volunteers at the hospital, reading to an comatose vampire once a week. It's his only escape from his abusive boyfriend Ralph. The unconscious Marcus is the only one he tells about his abuse. But then a new years kiss from Liam wakes up Marcus, who heard everything that was said, and has resolved to rescue Liam from his partner and make him his submissive, in due time.This was a thoroughly enjoyable read. Despite calling itself a fairy tale retelling, it just doesn't have that fairy tale feel. It's not quite Urban fantasy ...

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