Kim Karr Set the Pace: Volume 1 (The Detroit Love Duet)


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  • wasn´t expecting this :D

    Set the Pace: Volume 1 (The Detroit Love Duet)


    18. February 2016 um 11:16

    4,25 ARGH.... F*CK. I want part 2 asap!!!! Why allowing me to read this ARC when forcing me to wait for part 2. ...I. Want. It. Now!!!! :D F*cking cliffhanger :P But I´m glad I´ve got an ARC :)  The Cover:  I think the cover is very fitting. The title as well. I´m just not a fan of pink but it´s just a personal preference. I loved the font every title of each chapter had and I also loved the picture-the street and the flower. It was also very fitting,although I´d rather have had the flower in blue like the ones of Charlottes tattoo. The book:  In a minute or even seconds, lifes can change for the better or worse. Just a moment and your life is never as it was before. Exactly that happened to Jasper Storm and Charlotte Lane when both were still kids. They lost so much and struggled with the consequences while growing up. Still, both couldn´t forget each other. Couldn´t forget their best friend from childhood. But while Jasper hates Charlotte, Charlotte does not hate him and even tries to protect him from her colleague. An unplanned meeting forced them together and marks the moment when they see each other for the first time after 20 years. As grown ups. For years Jasper hated her and still does but from now on he can´t get her out of her mind and with time they both realise that it´s getting harder and harder to push each other away.  What happend to Jasper and Charlotte to turn their lifes upside down? Why does Jasper hate Charlotte and will he forgive her? Is there even sth. to forgive? What about the dead body that was found? Why are Jasper and Charlotte suspects? Who killed this woman? And what about all the sabotages and break ins? Will the killer be revealed and will Jasper and Charlotte find to each other? Read this book and find the answers- it´s worth it :D  My opinion (maybe mini spoiler):  It was difficult for me at first to get into this book. I´m not really interested in cars so there was a bit too much bla bla about cars for my taste ;) But the more I got into the book the more I liked what I´ve read. I really like the characters. I honestly hadn´t expected to read a love-crime-action book. But as a lover of CSI and other crime shows and Medical Detectives I loved that this was put into the story. And it was sooooo good. Really. I usually find out who the killer is right away (In, for example - The Girl on the Train-, I knew it after the first or second chapter). It´s always too easy but this book kept me guessing the whole time. And I suspected so many ppl but not the one mentioned at the end. I only knew who the 2nd victim is. :) As I´ve mentioned at the beginning, I really can´t wait for part 2. :D I hope it will come very, very soon. I hate waiting. Yeah, well. There wasn´t much I didn´t like. Just wanted Jasper and Charlotte to finally get together. It took them sooo long. But it´s ok. :) And I missed the sparks when they were together. But they hadn´t had much time with one another and were maybe too careful with each other so maybe the 2nd book shows more of it :)  Oh- and before I forget. I loved the little quote before the book started. It was cute :)

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