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Bewerbung/Ich möchte mitlesen

Hello! Thanks for tuning in to hear more about my books! I love to write stories about people like us…that is, the non-billionaires, non-vampire crowd. Those of us who have regular jobs and families and pets and who want a big, memorable romance, too.

In Too Good To Be True (Ich habe mich verträumt), my heroine is in a tough spot. Thanks to a dramatically broken engagement and the subsequent drama, she’s the object of way too much attention. Would she love to meet a guy who’d put all the gossip and concern to rest? Sure. But she hasn’t, and so Grace falls back on a tried-and-true solution—lying. She makes up a boyfriend. Tells her family she just started seeing someone. He’s, um…a doctor. Yes! That’s it! A pediatric surgeon, no less! So, so nice! Very busy and dedicated, of course, so he doesn’t have too much spare time, but things are very wonderful so far…

I confess that this is something I’ve done in the past. Picture me, age 24, current single, on an airplane for 6 hours. Picture my seat companion, a rather pale man on his way to a Star Trek convention. Is he wearing his Spock ears already? No, but he has them and shows me. Do I suddenly have a fiancé who plays the cello in the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra?

Why yes! I do!

I hope you’ll like Too Good To Be True!

Mehr zum Buch:
Er ist groß, gut aussehend, erfolgreich, liebevoll, einfühlsam und existiert nur in ihrer Fantasie. Weil Grace es leid ist, sich ständig Bemerkungen über ihren Singlestatus anzuhören, erfindet sie kurzerhand einen Verehrer. Dumm nur, dass sich die Geschichte schnell herumspricht und auch ihrem neuen Nachbarn Cal zu Ohren kommt. Der erstaunlich viel Ähnlichkeit mit ihrem Traummann hat. Doch bevor Grace sich näher mit ihm beschäftigen kann, muss sie ein paar katastrophale Blind Dates hinter sich bringen, ihren Exfreund auf seiner Hochzeit mit einem Kinnhaken niederstrecken und ein paar Senioren Tanzunterricht geben.
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Allgemeines zur Bewerbung und zur Leserunde:
Ihr habt hier die Möglichkeit bei einer Leserunde mit Kristan Higgins mitzumachen. Sie spricht kein Deutsch, deshalb stellt die Fragen an die Autorin bitte auf Englisch - es ist gar nicht schlimm, dabei Fehler zu machen, sie wird euch verstehen. Wenn ihr auf Deutsch diskutiert und gelegentlich trotzdem knapp eure Eindrücke auf Englisch zusammenfasst, wird sich die Autorin sicher freuen :)

Unter allen Bewerbern vergibt der Mira Verlag 25 Testleseexemplare dieser locker-leichten Sommerlektüre. Ihr könnt euch dafür bis einschließlich 13.August 2013 bewerben - dafür gibt es auch eine kleine Frage zu beantworten:

Wenn ihr an euren Traumpartner denkt.. wie würde dieser aussehen und welche Charaktereigenschaften hätte derjenige?

 (Wenn möglich, wäre es toll, wenn ihr auf Englisch antwortet!)

Autor: Kristan Higgins
Buch: Ich habe mich verträumt


vor 5 Jahren

Bewerbung/Ich möchte mitlesen

Wenn ihr an euren Traumpartner denkt.. wie würde dieser aussehen und welche Charaktereigenschaften hätte derjenige?
I do not have a dream man, the look is'm really matter. He must be able to laugh and have humor. Good listener, would be great. And simply enjoy life.


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Ich stelle mir meinen Traumpartner vor (I imagine my dream partner:) Dunkelhaarig (Dark-haired), blaue Augen (blue eyes), größer als ich (taller than me), schlank (slim), bisschen muskelös (with some muscles). Er soll humorvoll sein (He is supposed to be humorous), aber auch ernst (but also seriously).

Mir gefällt das Cover und die Geschichte in dem Buch, und würde es echt gern lesen. Liebe Grüße, Dominika

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sorry for the delay, but now it´s online
i`m sorry but i wrote the Review in german - all i can say is that it´s a good one.
thanks for the book. it was fun to be a part of this reading Group. can´t wait to read more of your books.

thank you

best wishes

my lovelybooks Review

the review on my blog Schlüsselreiz


vor 5 Jahren

Leserunde Teil 1: Anfang - 6. Kapitel (S. 1 - 79)

Endlich - Zeit fürs Sofa und für mein neues Buch. "Ich habe mich verträumt" beginnt gleich locker und unterhaltsam. Kristan Higgins schreibt frech und lebensnah.

Die Hauptdarstellerin Grace ist sehr sympathisch und ihre Familie hat schräge Hobbies. Ich musste bereits mehrfach herzlich lachen - beispielsweise als sie mit ihren neuen Nachbarn ausgesprochen schlagkräftig willkommen heißt. Auch die nachfolgende Entschuldigung fällt nicht besser aus. Ich bin schon sehr gespannt, wie es weitergeht - also gleich wieder zurück aufs Sofa.

Now I have time to relax on my sofa and start reading my new book. The story is very entertaining. Kristan Higgins has a cheeky and a true-to-life way of writing.

Grace, the main character, is very sympathic and her family has weird hobbies. The book already made me laugh several times - for example when she welcomes her new neighbour in an extraordinary powerful way. And her excuse the day after does not make it much better....
I am very excited to continue reading - so I'll go right back to my sofa.


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Leserunde Teil 2: 6. Kapitel - 13. Kapitel (S. 80 - 157)

I can’t believe that I have read almost another 80 pages so quickly – it just captured me. And I can’t wait to continue reading.
The first dates are really funny – an old man, a wizard and a religious one… what a weird selection of single men. I hope there are some better options available outside.
Grace is a very indulgent person – I do not know whether I would be able to motivate my sister to start a relationship with my former fiancé. This is a horrible situation – always pretending that she fine with this situation. I like her voluntary engagement for the older people – teaching them how to dance and read books to those who can’t do it themselves. She is very warm-hearted and caring. I think she deserves a good partner. Her neighbour is a very attractive man and – although he has a criminal background – Grace is getting more and more interested in him. Now that he changes the windows of her house she meets him more often. I just wonder how long she will be able to stick to the fictive boyfriend – I don’t have the impression that Cal believes in this story. Well, let’s see what happens next.


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Leserunde Teil 3: 13. Kapitel - 20. Kapitel (S. 158 - 239)

How funny that Grace stores the sculptures of her mum in the cellar and needs to prepare her house before her mum arrives. This really made me laugh. Her sister Nat is incredibly selfish – asking Grace to be her chief bridesmaid is so …. I really feel with Grace.
Having a virtual boyfriend becomes more and more difficult for Grace as her family is so keen to meet him. They even pop up in the restaurant willing to disturb a romantic dinner. Fortunately Julian is there to help her. I am happy that he meets Cambry and hope they will get friends.
I wonder how long it will take until Grace and Cal find out that they would match well.


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Leserunde Teil 4: 20. Kapitel - 28. Kapitel (S. 240 - 325)

Wow – Grace is so sweet-tempered – incredible: not even taking care for Nat all the time but also hosting Margs. And as a topping she helps Nat choose her wedding dress… when Nat asked Grace I just thought: “say no”….but of course she didn’t.
Yippee! Grace and Cal are a couple – this ist nice. Unfortunately his past turns out to be a real problem; not only for her family but also for her career. I hope she’ll get the job!


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Leserunde Teil 5: 28. Kapitel - Ende (326 - 388)

Typically male! Now that Grace introduced Cal, Andrew pops up and has the nerve to judge over Cal. And his kiss – idiot. And Cal is of course not happy to see this. Finally they break because Cal can’t accept that Grace invented Wyatt and did not tell the truth….what a pity….this is so sad.
The positive aspect of this is that Grace wakes up and tells her family the truth about Wyatt and that Cal left her.
Andrew is a very weak character – not willing to marry Nat because he still loves Grace… In the end I think this is the best for Nat. She’ll make her way.
For me the end of the book came too early – suddenly Cal and Grace make up again….Wedding, Baby…. But altogether I liked the story very much. This was my first book of Kristan Higgins and I will for sure read another one.


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