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Inhaltsangabe zu „Home Front“ von Kristin Hannah

The blockbuster bestselling author of "Night Road" and "Firefly Lane" delivers a masterful novel that explores the sacrifices of one American family and illuminates the true cost of honor, duty, and love, offering an intimate look at the inner landscape of a disintegrating marriage and a dramatic examination of the price of war. (Quelle:'Flexibler Einband/01.03.2012')

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    Home Front


    15. November 2013 um 12:26

    Jolene had to endure much suffering in her young life. Tyrannized by her alcohol addicted parents and her violent father, Jolene could only dream about a carefree childhood. But one day, after her parents died in a tragic car accident, caused by alcohol abusing drivers, her small world seems to ultimately fall apart. She has no place to go and no one to talk to. Jolene decides to see a lawyer, hoping for support. When she first sees Michael, the young lawyer, she immediately knows he means more to her and vice versa. But in Michael’s job he just cannot afford to think like that. Their difference in years is too big. Casually he asks her to come back in six years. As a matter of fact they meet again, both aged, but still all googly eyed for each other. They fall deeply in love, marry and start a family. In Michael, Jolene finds the shelter she’s always searched for but never found. But as cruel as life sometimes seems to be, they distance after a while. Michael only cares about his career life; he even forgets his wife’s birthday and his children’s tournaments. When he finally reveals Jolene, that his love for her is long gone, her world seems to crash again. As harm’s not enough, Jolene gets deployed to Iraq to voluntarily serve for her country in war… This book is astonishingly brilliant! When I first saw the cover and read the summary, I really thought it just might be another woman’s novel, all about the benefits and disadvantages that come and go with love. But this book is so much more! It really is about war and coming home as a veteran psychologically disturbed by all those barbarous things you’ve witnessed and the people you’ve lost. I personally am a huge fan of books and movies about war in general. I mean, hey, mankind really knows how to delete its own breed. I like the fact that those stories aren’t some kind of fictional author’s figments, they’re really happening and they truly are as dramatically tragic as told. Bringing everything into consideration, Kristin Hannah’s “Home Front” is a brilliantly, emotion at it’s peak, sad story about a woman serving in war trying to find her way back into a normal life that once got shattered.

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