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One Moment

One Moment

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How one single moment can change your life forever
Artemis_25vor 2 Jahren

This book, I simply loved reading it. So full of emotions and I believed them all.
The story is solely told from Maggies point of view. The secrets Joey kept from her and the mystery of his death unravel just in the right pace. Until Maggie remembers what has happened shortly before her boyfriend meets his end at the bottom of a cliff, you would'nt be sure if not Maggie herself pushed him, if she was angry and hurt enough for something like that.
But not only Joey was keeping things from her, some of her other friends were doing that, too. It was quite exiting to find out what they were all hiding. I also liked the way long-time friendships were put to the proof here. The emotional turmoil involved was comprehensible and quite gripping at the same time.
How Maggie deals with everything that is thrown at her and grows through it is quite believable, too. I liked her very much right from the start and wished that everything what turn out fine for her.
In the end everything fits together and I was left with a content and hopeful feeling that life will go uphill for Maggie now. She definitely deserves it after all the hurt and betrayal.

From the first page onward the book has hooked me. The emotional ride and all the drama, the secrets, friendships being tested: that seems just so real. Real life is portrayed here at its rawest. I can strongly recommend this story.


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