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Inhaltsangabe zu „Cat O' Nine Tales“ von Krystal Lawrence

What evil dwells within the pretty lady next door or the ordinary house cat? What happens when you pursue your dreams into the desert after dark? Beware the man borne of your imagination. He could seek vengeance on the one who created him. Visit a bookstore offering a most alluring and sinister service. Journey to the dark side with ten twisted tales of horror, malevolence, and the truly uncanny.
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    Cat O' Nine Tales


    19. December 2016 um 06:54

    This collection presents stories somewhere between crime and the supernatural. I enjoyed every one of them, especially those featuring weird animals, but my favorite story was about an author who intends to let the main character of his famous western series die - however, the main character has other plans...More subtle than striking and with a little pinch of humor, 'Cat O' Nine Tales' counts as one of the better collections out there. The author has a great way with words, making each story special, and while I favored some stories over others, and found that two stories had a very similar plot, there was not one bad apple in the bunch. Highly recommended.

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