Witch Hunter Abellona (Fantasy Lesbian Erotica): Liliae

von L. Oscar 
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Cover des Buches Witch Hunter Abellona (Fantasy Lesbian Erotica): Liliae (ISBN:B00JD4QE7W)
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Inhaltsangabe zu "Witch Hunter Abellona (Fantasy Lesbian Erotica): Liliae"

For the witches of Sadago, dueling means bringing your opponent to climax before they can do it to you. The witch Abellona, posing as a hunter, travels the region to find and "duel" other witches for fun and profit, taking advantage of her employers' time and money to bang on their buck. With her natural seductive charm and enchanted clothes, she's able to defeat nearly any witch she comes across. Her first challenge is Liliae, a witch hidden away in an oasis with control over plants. Will her vine whip be able to crack Abellona? Features: Whipping, restraint, fingering. EXCERPT: “Are you game?” Abellona put down her tea, uncrossing and crossing her legs to draw the witch of the oasis’ eye to them. She still held her tea tightly and pouted, “You haven’t even asked my name and you’re asking me for a witch’s fight. So bold!” “That didn’t answer my question.” “Liliae.” “Abellona. Are you game, Liliae?” She sighed and placed down her tea before standing up, giving Abellona a proper look at her garments. Liliae dressed in a nearly transparent white chiffon shift that draped over her slender frame and flowed over her seat like water. The light pink of her nipples showed through, but the rest of her sensual parts were hidden by tiny yellow buds that sprouted up from the fabric like sequins. Her hair was platinum blonde and fell just beyond her shoulders, brushing over her breasts. On top of her head was a wide brimmed straw hat, with a water lily tucked into the ribbon, much like Abellona’s black hat had a red rose. Abellona didn’t even try to hide the fact she was staring, sizing up her opponent. Liliae didn’t seem to care. “I’m game.” In a flurry of ribbons Abellona’s outfit leapt into life, extending far beyond her body, and exposing it to Liliae’s gaze. Compared to her tiny stick of an opponent, Abellona was all curves and circles. Her breasts were enticingly round and inviting, practically commanding they be touched in a full palm each. Liliae couldn't help staring for a moment, entranced. She felt a sudden and incredibly strong desire to be the one touching them.


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