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How I Met Your Father

How I Met Your Father

Erschienen am 24.11.2013

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Too much stuff, too like time
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Famous ex boy band member Justin is on his way to the destination wedding of his friend and band mate Chuck. On the flight he meets a sexy older guy, Jack, which whom he has airport bathroom sex.
At the bachelor party he finds out Jack is in fact the father of the bride. But Justin finds Jack is actually a pretty nice guy and would be interested in some more. It's just that Justin is still in the closet and trying to avoid publicity at all costs.

This book confused me a bit. It felt like a read the first third of a book and then suddenly jumped to the happy ever after epilogue. There seems to be a lot missing.

It seems to me the book needed a lot more space to be what it was trying to be. I did like Justin, I thought the romance with Jack was pretty hot, but it was really underdeveloped. Or maybe just cut short. We get the first two days with them, that's all. There isn't really all that much emotional stuff going on between them yet (no insta-love, thank god), even though you can see first signs, but at that point we're already done.

And in that short book there are also a lot of other themes cramped in. Justin being in the closet, because famous, Jacks issues with his kids (whatever those are, exactly), fear of heights, a wedding, secret pregnancy, friend bonding...
I felt it could have been quite good, if there where space to actually explore all that properly, instead of just squeeze everything in.
It cut into the romance time, which felt rather underdone for it, it left the characters rather flat, since there was no time to develop so many people, and it made the book feel like a clusterfuck, since too much stuff was going on simultaneous.


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