L.C. Davis Equilibrium: MM Gay Shifter Romance (Kingdom of Night Book 3)


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Equilibrium: MM Gay Shifter Romance (Kingdom of Night Book 3)“ von L.C. Davis

Remus is still reeling from the unexpected betrayal of his best friend when he learns that there is more to Arthur than he or the rest of the pack ever imagined. As the hunter's moon approaches, Remus must come to a decision that will change the Kingdom of Night forever. While his story reaches its resolution within this trilogy, Arthur's journey is just beginning. Their stories intertwine in a tale that will unite brothers, kingdoms and destinies...if it doesn't divide them first.

Final Series Showdon

— Makaria
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    Equilibrium: MM Gay Shifter Romance (Kingdom of Night Book 3)


    27. November 2016 um 17:16

    this book is the final one out of the series. Starting with Pendulum to Liminality to finally get to Equilibrium , the end of these books is somewhat foreseeable. but the showdown is not. So, read these. They are great.
    Sleep-deprieving, but fantastic.