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Cover des Buches Starting over (ISBN: 9781451620597)

Starting over

Erschienen am 29.05.2012
Cover des Buches LA Toya (ISBN: 0451174151)

LA Toya

Erschienen am 01.09.1992

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Cover des Buches Starting over (ISBN: 9781451620597)
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Being famous doesn´t protect you from abuse
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I guess all of us know La Toya Jackson as the black sheep of the Jackson family. What most of us don´t know is that she wasn´t responsible for the bad choices she made. At 30 when she wanted to get independent from her family she became the victim of her criminal manager who was connected to the mafia. On a businesstrip to Japan he took her passport and that was the beginning of a decade of violence, abuse and isolation. La Toya was basically kidnapped and not allowed to meet her family or even talk on the phone. Her husband would threat her and beat her- to the point when he called the police reporting that she was dead. But she survived and finally managed to escape. In her book she describes the fear and shame of the abuse and how she was destroyed as a human being and as an artist. It is shocking to read how domestic violence is the same no matter if you are famous or just an ordinary person. The last part of the book deals with the death of her brother Michael.He also becomes the victim of a bruutal management that isolates him from the rest of the world. While La Toya succeeded in running away Michael Jackson didn´t escape. I had no idea how easy it is to be totally absorbed by managers who control your life. I am deeply impressed by this book. This is one of the best books I ever read.


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