Laura Resnick Doppelgangster: Book Two of Esther Diamond (Esther Diamond Novel)


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Doppelgangster: Book Two of Esther Diamond (Esther Diamond Novel)“ von Laura Resnick

"In Laura Resnick's Doppelgangster, the New York actress is 'resting' between roles by working as a singing waitress at a Manhattan mob restaurant because wiseguys tip well. Then duplicated gangsters appear, bullets start flying, and it's up to Esther and her friend Max the Magician to fight Evil by stopping the gang war before it starts killing the wrong people. And if she has time, maybe Esther can actually keep a hot date with her hunky detective friend Lopez, who doesn't believe in magic. Yet. Unplug the phone and settle down for a fast and funny read." —New York Times bestselling author Mary Jo Putney Doppelgangster is the exciting second novel of the Esther Diamond series.

Paranormale Geschichten sind an sich nicht so mein Ding, aber die hier ist witzig - und spielt in New York. wer kann da widerstehen?

— UrsulaSchroeder
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