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misspidervor 2 Jahren

Why is it that thrillers playing in the deepest of winter, with snowstorms and all, are so attractive (at least to me)? 'Whiteout' is another great example for that special blend. The thriller part of story - two bad guys on the run in an area where two couples spend a weekend in an isolated cabin - is solid and packed with action. The third protagonist of the story, let's call it 'chill factor', is scary as can be, right down to the very graphic and colorful description of frozen toes and fingers.

I did not agree with several dumb decisions made throughout the book, especially those from Vic, the cop who is on the hunt for the criminals also for personal reasons. Though not overly complex, characters were introduced with enough background to easily feel with or against them.
However, there was a really nice plot twist I did not see coming and the story delivered large-scale regarding action and pace.

A solid addition to the 'chill thriller' genre - make sure to read it someplace warm.

(I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review)


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