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Headline is thrilled to be publishing the sensational New York Times bestselling author Laurell K. Hamilton, the queen of vampire fiction

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  • Rezension zu "The Harlequin" von Laurell K. Hamilton

    The Harlequin


    17. June 2010 um 13:07

    Well after my disappointment of Dance Macabre I hoped for a better book. And The Harlequin is more better then the last one for God’s sake. So now Anita have to handle with a cryptical “thing” which all vampires are afraid of, even Jean-Claude. She ask Edward for help in this matter and he come to her with Olaf as his backup. Yes, Olaf the serial killer is back again. Peter, the son from Donna is their, too and Anita have to talk to him about some serious points of life. But that’s not enough. Nathaniel want that Anita fullfill his BDSM-needs, otherwise he will search for someone who can answer his needs. Anita is very afraid about this but the dialog between them both was very good. The Queen of the Vampires plays a bigger role in this book, too and she give Anita a gift which she is not pleased about. Haven is big again and some other characters we all know. And Richard, oh well, I hate Richard that’s not a secret but in this book he annoy me again so much that I hate him more than before. So childish, so naive, so stupid. The dialogues in this book were very good and very deep. The story is fascinating and full of action. Only the end is a little bit crazy and short, I don’t know if I had understand the ending in the right way. The ardeur plays not such a big role as in the other books before. Yes, there are some sex scenes but not so many as in other books. All in all The Harlequin was a very good Anita Blake book and I liked it. And I enjoy to read the next one, Blood Noir.