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OMG, queen of mean Madison Parker in a brand new series. It's claws out in the fight to become Hollywood's brightest star... (Quelle:'Onlinequelle/06.06.2013')
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  • ein gutes Buch, jedoch etwas schwächer als die LA Candy Reihe

    The Fame Game


    11. July 2014 um 14:33

    Trevor Lord, the producer of LA Candy, comes up with a new reality TV show called "The Fame Game". The show follows four young girls, who want to make it in Hollywood. A musician, an actress and Madison and Gaby from LA Candy. The cover of this book is similar to the ones of the LA Candy Trilogy. An all black background with dark pink and white lettering. In the center is a crushed starshaped lollipop. Again a real classy cover. The writing style of Lauren Conrad is again fun and easy but sadly the story was not as exciting as in the LA Candy trilogy. The reader finds out a lot about the new characters and also about Gaby and Madison, but the story lacks drama. A little unusual for 4 reality stars in Hollywood. The two new charakters Kate and Carmen are total opposites. The one is a girl from a smalltown, who wants to become a musician, while the other is the daughter of a famous singer and music producer wanting to become an actress. Both girls are really interesting characters. Gaby is the same as readers already know her from LA Candy. Madison therefore shows a different side of herself. I really enjoyed this book but as i mentioned above the story sadly lacked a little drama.

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