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Cover des Buches Halloween Carnival Volume 2 (ISBN: 9780399182044)

Halloween Carnival Volume 2

Erschienen am 10.10.2017

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Cover des Buches Halloween Carnival Volume 2 (ISBN: 9780399182044)

Rezension zu "Halloween Carnival Volume 2" von Glen Hirshberg

Tricks and treats
misspidervor 5 Jahren

Mr. Dark's Carnival (Glen Hirshberg)
Not bad for starters, but I thought there were too many story-lines fighting for
attention. However, it got better towards the end. ***

The Facts in the Case of my Sister (Lee Thomas)
My favorite story of this collection. Subtle but all the more chilling. Though I had a hunch where this would go the ending was a mean gut-puncher nonetheless. *****

Mischief Night (Holly Newstein)
Another more subtle story, dramatic and depressing. ***

The Ghost Maker (Del James)
Didn't do anything for me. What was it about? *

The Pumpkin Boy (Al Sarrantonio)
I heard of Orangefield before but haven't read a book in the series yet. This story convinced me to check it out. A rather sweet treat. ****

Just like a Halloween candy bag, you find some outstanding treats among mediocre stuff and maybe something you don't like the taste of. However, I can recommend this second volume for its second and last story.

(Thanks to Netgalley, the author, and the publisher for a copy of the book, all opinions are my own)


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