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Shine Your Light on Me

Shine Your Light on Me

Erschienen am 14.03.2017

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Extraordinary writing
misspidervor 2 Jahren

I had this author on my radar for some time now, so I was glad for the opportunity to snag a free copy of one of his books at Librarything and get familiar with his work.

Shine Your Light On Me starts at a local bar, where one young man suddenly erupts in a blinding light which heals all those hit by it. While Aiden is shocked into silence - literally - and confused about his sudden 'gift', the townsfolk see him as some kind of blessed savior and want him to repeat his healing act. A wild chase begins which turns into a kind of witch-hunt. At the periphery of this drama, we are introduced to several other people whose lives are intertwined by tragedy, love, revenge and hatred.

While the story was interesting enough and definitely original, I thought it was packed too tight with stories that could have filled several novellas of their own or at least be combined into a full-length novel, as I wished the author would have put more details in between the action-packed scenes. I felt like I did not know the characters enough to fully grasp their intentions or sympathize with them on a deeper level, but still was distanced to their fate. Therefore, what happened did not touch me as deeply as it would have with a slower moving novel. However, every now and then I glimpsed the potential for some great telling and exploration, but it was always pushed to the side too soon by the fast moving action. Weird, as I usually prefer my readings to keep to the point and not linger with too much details.

So while I was left with mixed feelings about the interesting but also rushed plot, the extraordinary writing repeatedly put me in a kind of magnetized state that only a small number of authors ever managed to achieve. I will definitely try out some of the other books by the author, preferably one of his novels...

(Thanks to Librarything, the author, and the publisher for a copy of the book, all opinions are my own)


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