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Cover des Buches Forever Dreams (Montana Brides, Book 1) (ISBN: 9780994105400)

Forever Dreams (Montana Brides, Book 1)

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Cover des Buches Forever Dreams (Montana Brides, Book 1) (ISBN: 9780994105400)Lonechastesouls avatar

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Forever Dreams (Montana Brides #1)
Lonechastesoulvor 5 Jahren

For real and forever...

A sweet romance of two people overcoming a half-world of distance.

The heroine, Grace Donnelly, is from New Zealand and comes to Montana to get the real cowgirl experience of working on a ranch so she can tell her 8 year old students what it was like when she returns home. She also has another motive for being in Montana--looking for her biological father. What she doesn't anticipate is falling head over heels for Trent McKenzie, the ranch owner she's staying with. But Trent doesn't anticipate falling for Gracie either.

Forever Dreams is a beautiful romance about love, friendship and family - this will simply make your heart melt. Gracie is just a beautiful soul, I fell in love with her right from the start as she had spunk and was a true character, a bit of a tomboy but also soft and girly when she wanted to be. She as a character stayed true to the end of what she believed she was worth and that was to find true love forever.

This was a light, sweet read and it was a free on Amazon. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Give this book a read. Sweet romance.


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