The Possible World

von Liese O'Halloran Schwarz 
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The Possible World
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    miss_mesmerizeds avatar
    miss_mesmerizedvor 2 Monaten
    Liese O'Halloran Schwarz - The Possible World

    Being invited to a birthday party isn‘t something that comes easy for Ben. Too many things can happen, all is so unpredictable with other boys, but his mother can convince him to go nevertheless. And then, the most unexpected happens: a murderer comes to the party and kills the two mothers in the house as well as all of the kids, except for Ben. In hospital, Lucy can only determine that he hasn’t been hurt physically, but there seems to be a kind of trauma since Ben wants to be called Leo and remembers life with a certain Clare. At an elderly home somewhere in town, Clare is fighting again against having to socialise. Her life alone in a recluse hut and later with her foster child Leo has simply been perfect. How come Ben remembers being Clare’s son Leo?

    Liese O‘Halloran Schwarz‘ novel is one of the rare books that you just open and then get completely lost in. I read it in just one sitting because I simply did not want to get away from her characters. It is bittersweet, often melancholic, but you see the good heart the characters have and you are convinced that there must be something good coming from them. It is a perfect feel-good book, even though it tells harsh reality in an emergency room and the story of a child given away by his mother.

    I liked the alternate narration of the three protagonists, even though it did not completely make sense at the beginning, you slowly manage to put together the puzzle pieces that form a new and complete picture. All three are very sensitive characters, misunderstood by the people around them and therefore lonely. I guess these kind of people recognize each other what helps them to find each other. What also links them is the fact that they are highly intelligent and question the world: why do the things have to be the way they are and why don’t people change something about it?

    A beautifully written story about non-mainstream characters who can easily be overlooked.

    histerikers avatar
    histerikervor 5 Monaten
    Ein ungewöhnliches Buch

    I didn`t know what to expect when I started the book. This
    combination of three stories could be challenging, I was not
    sure I will like it. Another surprise was that only a first chpater
    was called Ben, all the others were called Leo. What was the reason?
    The first two chapters were also a kind of brutal and I was really
    not sure, if I wanted to continue reading. I´m very happy I did.
    The story of the three characters was very interesting and i was
    sucked in and wanted to know when and how it combines. It was easier
    for Clare and Leo after a while, the description of their lives
    going paralell to each other. Lucy was the uncertain part of
    the novel (as well as Ben). I was really enjoying the quessing,
    how the plot would go on. The ending is very satisfying and fits
    the whole story. I very much liked Clare, she was my favourite
    character for her independence, I could imagine the reasons for
    her being so. But the changes she want through made her also the
    most interesting character for me. I really enjoyed the book very
    much und would highly recommend it.


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