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Rule Breaker

Rule Breaker

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Snarky fun dialog with angsty middle and HEA
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Dylan and his boss Gabe are constantly at each others throats, though the insults are mostly just bluster. Dylan is actually the only person who really dares to stand up to Gabe, as most of the other employees are cowed by him.
But Dylan is also very much attracted to Gabe, which is safe enough, as long as Gabe has a boyfriend and pays him no mind if not to insult him. But then Gabe starts to pay attention to Dylan, and things start to go toopsy-turvy.

I absolutely adored the book until ca. 60%. I love the snarking and sarcasm, all the snippy dialog was very funny. My husband and I are a lot like that, so I could relate entirely.

But after that it just got so angst and unhappy, I had a hard time with it. Gabe's an asshole most of the book, but he's at least a lovable, charming asshole at first, but then he's just upping the ante of assholeness until I just want him to fuck off. And I kept feeling bad, when Dylan felt bad for hurting him, because that's obviously exactly the thing Gabe was shooting for, so fuck him.
I really liked Dylan, he was just a sweetheart, always trying to help everyone, while still not backing down all the time. And I could relate why he always tried harder with Gabe, no matter how bad it got.

In contrast the end was just too sugary-sweet twu luw-y, I'm sure I got emotional whiplash just from the turnaround Gabe did. I mean, of course I wanted him to be less mean asshole and more charming asshole as before, for Dylan, but he's not even that anymore. It felt just too fucking idyllic to be even remotely realistic.

Still, I do recommend it for the strong start.


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