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Informative with beautiful photographs and great recipes
IraWiravor 2 Jahren

This book is a combination of a cookbook and a kind of storybook with its many informations about the different kinds of fruit that can be found in the different orchards and about the orchards themselves. I really enjoyed browsing through it, reading here and there, checking out the one or the other recipe and watching all those amazing photographs.

Everything you ever wanted to know about orchards and fruit in New England - and much more than that - can be found in this book. Most of the recipes look and sound great and I look forward to trying them,  whereas some other just give inspirations for own ideas but I love the variety and all those new ideas alongside more traditional recipes be it jam, pies, cake, biscuits or turkey or a crockpot apple cider beef stew or...well, a bunch of other delicious things. The recipes themselves are easy-to-follow and look rather foolproof to me with detailed information and good instructions.

For those who want to visit those orchards that are portrayed here in this book, there's a long list with adresses and websites at the back of the book. All in all a wonderful book if you are interested in orchards or cooking and baking or looking at gorgeous photographs.


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