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From talented wordsmith (Publishers Weekly) Lisa Maxwell comes a lush, atmospheric fantasy novel f....

Nimmerland wie man es noch nie gesehen hat? Ich bleibe lieber bei Disney und hoffe weiter auf eine Adaption, die mich völlig umhaut.

— Nicks
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    29. February 2016 um 13:52

    I´m a big fan of the Splintered series, because it managed to recreate a well known world in a brilliant, fresh way with the old characters in new shiny suits and turn it so dark and bright at the same time. Needless to say that´s exactly what I expected from Unhooked. The book tries to pull up Neverland again. Just imagine all the potential. Peter Pan, probably turned evil? Being something completely different from our well known boy? Being shady and corrupting? Neverland, not the fairy tale place we´re supposed to know? Wendy being strong and determined and not fully human? Captain Hook as a handsome, charming underdog hero? Granted, that one´s easily imaginable since Once Upon a Time. All the potential!!! It pains me to say that I missed a lot of that while reading Unhooked. I couldn´t fully enjoy this attempt of a retelling. Where the heck were the edges?? The heroine, Gwendolyn, annoyed me to no end in the beginning, because she didn´t seem to be capable of articulating full sentences. „Please, Please.“ and „But“ are her favorite words and rarely followed by significant speeches Her change of character is predictable and far from mind blowing, but I liked her well enough in the end. I can´t stop myself from thinking that Olivia´s being in Neverland should´ve taken a greater role in the story or none at all. I still don´t get it. This would been an epic tale of friendship if she had been more than a glassy eyed bystander. Unfortunately it wasn´t Peter, although far more shady than Disney leads to believe, is missing a lot of the darkness and mental conflict he should´ve had going on. I couldn´t see the hate he seemingly feels due to his past and I couldn´t grasp the passion he should´ve sported when it came to his plans. Instead he came across a as spoiled, half-mighty wonderboy who´d like to play king. Hook´s story was far more interesting than the whole plot. He sure was more charismatic than the rest of the bunch and deserves his own story. Although it was nice enough entertainment I wasn´t blown off my feet. I so wished for it though. I mean, it is Neverland. Especially the end wasn´t for me, because it was rushed and left me with so many questions about the world and people there. Bonus points for the Epilogue don´t change my opinion of the book. I would´ve liked to be Neverland more vivid, more detailed and more entrancing. And where the heck was Peter´s shadow?? 

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