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Inhaltsangabe zu „The Giver (Essential Modern Classics)“ von Lois Lowry

In a perfect world, Jonas begins to see the flaws… THE GIVER is the classic award-winning novel that inspired the dystopian genre and a major motion picture adaptation for 2014 starring Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, Katie Holmes and Taylor Swift. It is the future. There is no war, no hunger, no pain. No one in the community wants for anything. Everything needed is provided. And at twelve years old, each member of the community has their profession carefully chosen for them by the Committee of Elders. Twelve-year old Jonas has never thought there was anything wrong with his world. But from the moment he is selected as the Receiver of Memory, Jonas discovers that their community is not as perfect as it seems. It is only with the help of the Giver, that Jonas can find what has been lost. And it is only through his personal courage that Jonas finds the strength to do what is right… The Giver is the award-winning classic of bravery and adventure that has inspired countless dystopian writers as the forerunner of this genre.

Ein wundervolles Buch, das zum nachdenken anregt. Das Ende hätte jedoch ausführlicher sein können

— books_____forever

I really enjoyed this novel! And I loved the differences between the book and the film, they're like two different stories (a little bit)!

— Miriam0611

A really good books. I'm sad it is only that short.

— Cattie
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    The Giver (Essential Modern Classics)


    21. July 2014 um 12:06

    "The Giver" is a short novel written by author Lois Lowry in 1993. It has dystopian character and you really can say it was a pioneer, written 20 years before the whole genre dystopie became popular. Story: Jonas lives with his mother, his father and his sister Lily. They're his family. In the community he lives, the Elders are the government. They controll the society. There are rules everybody has to follow and it's good that the people don't have to make choices by their own. What would happen, if someone makes the wrong decision?  When Jonas becomes a twelve, he should be given a job by the Elders. A job like caring for the Old people like his friend Fiona or like working with the newborn babys like his father. But he is chosen to be the next "Receiver of Memory". And soon he learns what he never was allowed to know. Characters: Jonas is something special. He is chosen to become the most important person in the community. But it's nothing special that the main character in a book is different than the others. I smiled about this, but depending on the fact that the book would otherwise be boring, it's a cliché you have to deal with. Nevertheless, Jonas is very grown up for a twelve-year-old, I think. He starts to question the community and he is willing to give his important position up to save the live of someone who can't chose for himself. The Giver is an interesting character. He is very old, very wise and some kind of rebellious. He doesn't want to live along in the society anymore that, in fact, is the one who makes the wrong decisions. One the one hand, he is like an old grandfather, on the othre he is like a prisoner, captivated in his position. The secondary characters are well written too, and they complete the picture of a community where all the people are equal and nobody questions the system, not even Asher who seems to be the kind of boy parents would call "bad company". Writing: It's amazing, how Lowry can describe a whole community, their rules and a plot in such a small book. I really wished it was longer. There would be so much more to tell. But I think she finished the story at the right time. I liked the ideas in the book, like the system where the children get "new things" every year like a new jacket or a bicycle. These might just be small aspects, but they make the story complexe and interesting. I couldn't stop reading and that's always a good sign. I remember, that I read about the thing before, which is the most important discovery for Jonas in the memories, but I totally forgot about it. It came really surprisingly and I think it also is such a great idea ( the whole memory thing is). I give the book 5 of 5 memories to discover it yourself and enjoy it as much as I did. :)

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