Unwound (Mastered)

von Lorelei James 
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Unwound (Mastered)
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    Lonechastesouls avatar
    Lonechastesoulvor 10 Monaten
    Mastered #2.

    “He closed his eyes against the surge of emotion. This is what she meant when she said no one else mattered. She knew the truth about them and it was enough. God. He loved this woman with everything he had.”

    Unwound was a great follow-up to put a ribbon on Ronin’s and Amery’s story. It was on the same level as Bound, the story itself was gratifying in a way that fit the change of the couple’s dynamic while still providing the eroticism and sensuality that made the first book so amazing for me.

    Whereas Bound was an introduction to Ronin, Amery and their relationship, Unwound was about the fallout of the revelations at the end of the first book and how Ronin and Amery find a way to work things out to be together. And in a certain way, the book’s title is very fitting. It is a word that can be used to describe Ronin’s state of mind after Amery’s disappearance, the shift in him when he’s with Amery and vice versa and how the things we, along with Ronin, thought we knew regarding Ronin and his family was not as they seemed. So, in many respects, this book was as much about Ronin as the first book was about Amery. It was interesting to see the story from Ronin’s perspective to go along with Amery’s so you get a more in depth picture of what’s going on.

    I really enjoyed this story because it focused on Ronin and Amery building their relationship back up on a foundation of honesty instead of secrets. There are definitely challenges that both Ronin and Amery face and I thought it was great that the author really made their struggles real instead of wiping the slate clean within the first few chapters. We get to see a very different side of Ronin. He's pretty much vulnerable and broken in the beginning and the situation really gives readers the hope that he's going to be a lot more open.

    The ending wraps up Ronin and Amery’s numerous conflicts and gives us strong hope that these two will be very happy together.


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