Louis Sachar Holes von Sachar, Louis (2002) Taschenbuch


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Holes von Sachar, Louis (2002) Taschenbuch“ von Louis Sachar

Tolles Buch. In der Schule hats mir auch gefallen :)

— lunau-fantasy

So durchdacht und spannend - ein prägendes Jugendbuch!

— Stillerlesen

Oberflächlich dargestellte Charaktere, aber nicht langweilig. Die Idee hätte mehr Potenzial gehabt.

— LenaausDD
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    Holes von Sachar, Louis (2002) Taschenbuch


    23. May 2015 um 17:02

    Stanley Yelnats, an unlucky and overweight guy, got convicted of a crime he hasn´t commited and must go to Camp Green Lake, where criminal boys are getting reeducated to join society with an improved character again. But the name of the camp is confusing as there is no lake anymore and instead of swimming he and all the other boys have to dig deep holes every day. Some day, Stanley finds a part of a lipstick while digging his daily hole in the blazing sun. As the warden was shown it later, she seemed very impressed. That´s why Stanley discovers more and more the real reason behind this activity and with that a story of friendship, crime and destiny begins ... The 152-pages-book is divided into three parts, of which the last one consists of only one chapter. There is some explained vocabulary on almost every page. While reading, I had no problem to imagine what the settings look like. I liked the style the book has been written in and Louis Sachar´s humour, which can be found not only in chapter one ("Being bitten by a scorpion or even a rattlesnake is not the wort thing that can happen to you. You won´t die. Usually.") as well. Besides, there is at least one character I liked all the time. With Stanley, it was a bit different. At the beginning, I found he was very normal and unexciting. Later I thought he was shallow and rude as he always rejected the one boy I liked, which made him very unpleasant. Talking of the characters, I have to mention that most of them were described in a very one-sided way and the reader doesn´t get the chance to look behind what´s obvious very often. Apart from that, I have to critcise the one (or the team) having chosen the explanation of some vocabulary. For example, I´m pretty sure that absolutely everybody knows, what sneakers are. If you don´t, feel free to look it up in chapter four (on my copy it´s page twelve). This is just one example out of many I think everybody should definitely know. The other way around, I didn´t find some words there I was looking for. Of course I understand that deciding which words to put there isn´t that easy, but in my opinion, this task could have been done better. Why didn´t they put footnotes behind every explained word, so that the reader doesn´t have to check the bottom of the page, just to find out that the word he or she doesn´t know isn´t explained there? Altogether I understand the book nonetheless pretty well. Finally I can say that I didn´t got bored while reading "Holes" as there happens quite a lot and the ending is a nice conclusion, where almost every tiny bit turns out to make sense. Yet Louis Sachar hasn´t exhausted the potential of his story idea in my opinion. That´s why the book doesn´t mean much more to me than all the other books I had to read in school, but I can say that "Holes" is one of the better ones. I can recommend this book to everyone, who wants to improve his or her English or just likes to read an adventurous book about friendship, old family stories and destiny.

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