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Love English, Love Reading? Join Let's Read in English 2017

Are you looking for a way to show your love for English books? An opportunity to meet other English readers? And a chance to discuss your latest read before its publication in Germany? Wonderful, you have come to the right place because the Let's Read in English Challenge is back for another round!

In 2017, we are making a few changes to the Let's Read in English Challenge. Most importantly, there will not be a monthly challenge with novels published by Penguin Random House. However,  you can still discuss your favorite books with other readers, improve your English by reading and discover exciting new books. For these purposes the Let's Read in English Challenge 2017 introduces the "LRIEC Book Club" where we will pick and present a book each month that we can read and discuss together. If you'd like to suggest a book for discussion, please feel free to contact me.

Furthermore, you can earn points for every review of an English book you are reading throughout the year and thus win a surprise book package at the end of the year. As in the previous year, there are no restrictions as to the authors, genres, publishers or publishing date of the books you choose. So you can indulge in one of Jane Austen's works, discover non-fiction on methods of training your dog, or enjoy the latest novel by your favorite author.

To enter the raffle and to win the surprise book package at the end of the year, you have to collect lottery tickets. You receive one lottery ticket for every 10 reviews that you write. This means, of course, that you have to review a minimum of 10 books over the duration of the challenge. The more lottery tickets you collect, the higher the chances to win – so it's worth writing as many reviews as you can. Your reviews can be in either German or English!

Remember: It's completely up to you which books you'd like to review, but you are also welcome to participate in the book club and review the books discussed there.  Please post all of your reviews in the Review subtopic so we can find them easily and can give you the correct amount of lottery tickets.

To make this a little more interesting, we will also introduce some special yearly challenges as well as quarterly challenges which can only be completed within 3 months. There you will be able to collect additional lottery tickets.

You can enter the challenge by posting a short comment below to let us know that you are stoked for another year of English books!

Finally, have a great reading year with many amazing and wonderful English reads :)

PS: This is my first year organizing the challenge. So if you have any suggestions for improvements, please send them my way :)

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Please use this subtopic to post the links to your reviews. To make keeping track of your reviews easier, we'd appreciate it if you used only one post for all of your reviews. You can edit your post whenever you wrote an new review.

Ich werde hier eine Liste der Sammelbeiträge anlegen, in der ihr einfach euren Beitrag finden könnt. Die Liste der Sammelbeiträge wird ca. einmal pro Woche aktualisiert.

Hier ist dann nun die Liste eurer Sammelbeiträge (Stand 08.06.2017):


Alondria (2 reviews):

Aniday (3 reviews):

anushka (3 reviews):


BloodyBigMess (4 reviews):

BluevanMeer (3 reviews):


Bosni (2 reviews):


Cambridge (25 reviews):

Cattie (6 reviews):

chipie2909 (1 review):

Darcy (1 review):

darklittledancer (7 reviews):


Fornika (8 reviews):


Harlequin (7 reviews):


histeriker (19 reviews):

ichundelaine (40 reviews):

I-heart-books (6 reviews):


Janinasmind (32 reviews):

Johanna_Jay (2 reviews):

JustMe (3 reviews):

Kady (8 reviews):



katjen1993 (2 reviews):


LadyMoonlight2012 (2 reviews):

LaLectura (1 review):

lapidar (1 review):

Laralarry (5 reviews):

LeonoraVonToffiefee (5 reviews):

leucoryx (1 review):




lizzie123 (1 review):


Lucinda4 (2 reviews):

Luiline (4 reviews):

Lupina15 (12 reviews):

Makaria (25 reviews):

Miia (5 reviews):

miss_mesmerized (5 reviews):

mona_lisas_laecheln (3 reviews):

Mrs_Nanny_Ogg (5 reviews):

MrsFoxx (1 review):

MrsFraser (17 reviews):

Nelebooks (2 review):

nemo91 (7 reviews):

Nicks (17 reviews):


paevalill (5 reviews):

pamN (6 reviews):


Queenelyza (1 review):

Sakuko (49 reviews):

Sanjewel (1 review):

SarahRawr_Bloggt (1 review):

Schlehenfee (21 reviews):


SLovesBooks (1 review):



StefanieFreigericht (14 reviews):

Steffi_2511 (3 reviews):

Stehlblueten (1 review):


suse9 (7 reviews):


TheRavenking (12 reviews):



Ute80 (18 reviews):


walli007 (10 reviews):


wortjongleur (2 reviews):

zazzles (5 reviews):


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About the LRIEC Book Club

So here it is: The Let's Read in English Bookclub!

Starting February, each month we will discuss a different book on an entirely voluntary basis. This means that there won't be any copies you can win and you will not be required to participate regularly. Of course, you are more than welcome to do so anyway :)

For every Book Club book that you read, review and discuss with (at least) 5 substential posts, you'll receive an additional lottery ticket.

We'll announce the book that is going to be read in the following month, two weeks before we start to discuss it in the Book club. That way you'll have some time to read it :)


Every other month, you have the chance to suggest the book we'll discuss. For that purpose, please send me a private message with your suggestion (the deadlines are listed below). I'll collect your suggestions and post them here for voting.

These are the relevant months and deadlines for your book club suggestions:

Deadline for suggestions: 08.02.2017
Deadline for voting: 14.02.2017

Deadline for suggestions: 08.04.2017
Deadline for voting: 14.04.2017

Deadline for suggestions: 08.06.2017
Deadline for voting:14.06.2017

Deadline for suggestions: 08.08.2017
Deadline for voting: 14.08.2017

Deadline for suggestions: 08.10.2017
Deadline for voting: 14.10.2017


In April, June, August and October, you'll still be the ones who pick the books that are going to be read but the suggestions will be made by the LovelyBooks-Team!

Now, I'm looking forward to a great year with you!

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LRIEC Book Club - November

I wasn't so sure if this was a final decision. But that'd be a great book too for sure.
Though I have to admit that I am not sure if I want to read another book about discrimination and the cruel history about Afro-Americans again, just short time after Homegoing.
Because it is such a hard and depressing topic and I am not sure if I want to handle that in this dark and already depressing season.


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LRIEC Book Club - November

I'm open to any suggestion. No offense. Reading Underground Railroad specifically was discussed in the October Book Club thread here.


vor 2 Wochen

LRIEC Book Club - November


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LRIEC Book Club - November

Thank you for your suggestions! Please cast your vote here: by October 22nd.


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4th Quarterly Challenge (October to December)

1. Oliver Twist - Dickens (26)


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4th Quarterly Challenge (October to December)

Just stumbled across this article. Maybe you're intrested in reading it. It fits the topic quiet well.


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LRIEC Book Club - November

Do we have a winner yet?

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