One Night Only - A First Time Lesbian Encounter

von Luna Swift
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One Night Only - A First Time Lesbian Encounter
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#24 in the Amazon lesbian erotica chart! Dani's nervous but excited about starting at university. Her new housemate is studying drama and needs a favour, someone to perform on stage with her in a new play. Dani reluctantly agrees, not realising it means appearing naked on stage as one half of a lesbian couple about to make love for the first time. Persuaded to strip off to rehearse the opening kiss, Dani finds herself becoming attracted to another woman for the very first time as their mouths meet under the watchful eyes of Eve's drama teacher. Come performance night, Dani must try to hide her feelings and avoid taking things too far especially during the very realistic sex scene. Can she resist sticking out her tongue to taste her friend when Eva squats over her face? Can she ignore the throbbing ache of her body crying out for an orgasm? As the audience watch in silence, Dani has to decide just how real this play is going to be. After all, this is going to be her only chance to touch her beautiful housemate. This performance is for one night only. Also includes a special bonus - Chapter 1 of "Seduced by my Boss" For adults only. Contains masturbation, lesbian sex, orgasm denial, oral sex, voyeurism and exhibitionism. A sample: She turned and held out her hand, lifting me to my feet. “Now I undress you.” I gulped, my eyes widening with nerves, butterflies filling my stomach, making me queasy. “I don’t know if I can do this Eva.” “Sure you can,” she said, her breasts accidentally brushing my arm. I could feel her nipples hard against my flesh and I found myself shivering, becoming even more self-conscious. “You’re supposed to be nervous. Try and look nervous.” “Consider it done,” I laughed, my breath catching in my throat as Eva suddenly eased my tee-shirt upwards. “Wait,” I began but she kept pulling until it was halfway over my head. My arms were forced upwards for a second and then it was off. “That wasn’t so bad was it?”


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