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One Glimpse (Indulgence Book 2)

One Glimpse (Indulgence Book 2)

Erschienen am 19.10.2015
One Indulgence

One Indulgence

Erschienen am 08.09.2014

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Rezension zu "One Indulgence" von Lydia Gastrell

Nice first-time romance with lots of drama
Sakukovor einem Jahr

Lord Henry has to marry, the match having been decided long ago by his late father. But before he does, he decides to indulge in his lust for men this one time, because he intends to be faithful to his wife. The basically anonymous encounter with Richard is all he could have wished for, but then he finds out that Richard is in fact the brother of his intended.
Richard not only intends to do everything he can so his sister will not marry a man who cannot love her, but is equally determined to win Henry for himself.

I started the series with the second part, and I liked it better than this one, though it's not a bad book by any means.

I enjoy first-time stories and this one has a very extended, lovely first time scene.
I liked Henry, who manages to be shy, insecure and sensitive in a very cute way, but also determined and independent.
I liked Richard in the beginning and in the end. He's a big romantic, who wants more than the casual encounter usual for men of his persuasion, he's possessive but also gentle and caring.
Sadly he mutates into an arrogant, controlling asshole in the middle. He keeps pushing the poor, overwhelmed Henry relentlessly and obviously more than he can handle, then is incensed that Henry makes decisions he doesn't like without him.

In general, a lot of the drama could have been avoided by several of the involved people just having a few calm talks with each other, but we all know how likely that is. Though I did not think the drama was all that bad or unrealistic. I enjoyed it for the most part.

I liked the idea of Richard courting Henry, but that never when very far. I'd have liked it a lot more if he's managed that.


Rezension zu "One Glimpse (Indulgence Book 2)" von Lydia Gastrell

Very cute and playful
Sakukovor einem Jahr

Sir Samuel Shawn had his eyes on Lord John Darnish for years, but with someone so obviously straight there is no point hoping for more. But then he sees John in a very obvious situation at a whorehouse, with a male whore. John is in panic, assuming Sam would blackmail him, so Sams assurance he would never tell a soul sparks an unexpected friendship between the two. But Sam doesn't dare tell John he's so understanding because he's gay himself.

I liked this a lot. I adore the MCs, they are just so cute and playful together, and I liked their personalities separately too, though Sams attempts to seems manly by not acknowledging he was doing something nice where sometimes quite painfully embarrassing to read.
I liked the slow development of the romance, both being so shy and insecure while acting actually quite obvious. Stuff like that warms my heart.

It was nice that the thread of exposure was a really troubling problem instead of a minor inconvenience it's sometimes portrait at, though the whole drama was a little confusing, overall, since there was obviously more going on then is stated, but maybe that's setup for another book?


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